Michael Tolan


1892 Born


1901 census at Lower Piper Hill, Ballina, Mayo

1911 census at Water Lane , Ballina


1921 Apr 18 . Michael Tolan was arrested in a house in Mill Street. county Mayo. He was detained in Ballina barracks. He was there until an order for his interment was procured.

1921 May 7. He was handed over to Auxiliaries of D Company ADRIC, for transportation to Galway. The Auxiliaries got there without their prisoner. He was not seen until his mutilated corpse was found in the bog at Shraheen .

1921 May 24 The Company Commander of D Coy G F A Grubbe resigned. Oddly he re-joined the ADRIC on 21 Nov 1921 and stayed until demobilisation. I could not find any dismissals from D Coy that might have been due to Tolan's murder.

1921 Jun 22 His body, at first unidentified, was found in a bog

1921 Nov 10 His body was exhumed and an inquest held. The verdict was that he had been murdered by Crown Forces

Tolan Disappears