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My name is David Grant, if you have corrections or additions, you can email me on I am happy to correspond with nearly everyone. I have had a lot of help from many people in compiling this information, including many who were related to ADRIC men.

However there is a group that I am skeptical about - Journalists have proved "difficult". They usually have an agenda or the need to tell a good story, in which the truth gets excluded. The O'Carroll Murder on "Who do you think you are" is a good example of the presentation of a story without too much regard for the whole truth (O'Carroll was undoubtedly murdered by the British, but it was not that he was an innocent old man. No more than the British officers shot in their beds on Bloody Sunday were innocent). Irish history is rarely black or white. Journalists also tend to copy large portions of my web sites and publish it under their own name. I had a whole page on D Coy so misused by an Irish newspaper

I should also add that I am more than happy to correct any factual errors that I have made, I am not able to "remove" men or alter facts that someone may not want commented upon even though the facts are true. Please to not email me if you want a subject air-brushed in any way. The history of the ADRIC can only be written if the truth is told