West Indies Contingent

17 Jan 1916 Arrived in London fron Trinidad


1st contingent

Sailed per HMT Verdala, 20th September 1915
Captain William Hugh Gillespie Thorne
Lieutenant George Challenor
2nd lieutenant Edward Keith Walcott

Draft of men. Sailed 19th October 1915 by RMS Danube

Draft of men. Sailed 18th November 1915 by HMT Magdelena
Officer-in-charge Lieutenant E K C Weatherhead

2nd Contingent

Sailed per HMT Magdelena 15 Sept 1916
Captain Clinton Austin Reed
Lieutenant Mervyn Alleyne Puckerin

Draft of men. Sailed per HMT Magdelena 30th March 1917
Officer-in-charge: 2nd Lieutenant Grant L Perkins

Draft of men. Sailed 11th July 1917
Lieutenant James Niblock
2nd Lieutenant Harry Wakefield Ince
2nd Lieutenant Reginald Bruce Skeete

3rd contingent

Sailed per HMT Magdelena 3rd December 1917

Captain William Harold Wright
Lieutenant Lisle Aubrey Chase
2nd Lieutenant Laurence Timothy Yearwood
2nd Lieutenant Dudley Alleyne Clarke
2nd Lieutenant Joseph Alleyne Haynes
2nd Lieutenant Leslie Arthur Walcott
2nd Lieutenant H Blair Bannister
2nd Lieutenant Edward Christie Manning