ADRIC Photos

I would like to thank Patrick O'Riordan of the "Super Recogniser Unit in the Metropolitan Police". for the enormous amout of help in identification of ADRIC photos. He is happy for me to acknowledge his help. I had never heard of it, but it does check out and does exist. Super Recognisers have been used to find the Novichok suspects and find victims of the Hillsborough and Grenfell disasters. Sadly he died before this work was all finished, but this is as far as we got


Putting all the identified men in context with cross-references

Group of Swaffer, Whitburn, Moore, Dentith, ES Dowdall and 2 others

Swaffer , Whitburn, Moore, Dentith, man, ES Dowdall, man

This was taken outside Hynes's public house following a shooting there in February 1921

Special Gang (Cairo Gang)

Gorman, Appleford , Dove, Swaffer, Moore, Fletcher, Dentith , Winch, McClean D F, Stapley


Capt Jones, Secret Service at Dublin Castle

DF McClean

A bit of a mess with ID

Hugh in Ireland no surname
T J Jennings
Owins getting certificate
Back of Car Group

Gen Boyd at Castle in 1921

Includes Waddingham, man, Gen Boyd, RS Simpson, man , Warrior, man , JC Sullivan, man , Swaffer, man, Appleford

Street Scene, Dublin
A Coy Officers
A Coy men at Woodstock

B Coy Officers at Saunderson Castle


TH Buxton , F M Scott , E E Barrows , A Stewart

B Coy Drombane

S/L W ECopley, LFM Blake, D Frost, man , man , Broomfield A

D Coy Photo
E Coy Platoon
E Coy Officers
E Coy Football Team
F Coy - whole company with Armoured Cars
F Coy Football Team
F Coy Platoon

F Coy Intelligence


Corson WMcC, Major LES Stokes (Secret Service),Thompson GR (Secret Service), Reynolds JC, Bennett A, Warrior D

G Coy-men

JAM Faraday , GPT Dean, CRW McCammond, CGS Rowell, WG Price, PB Cullinan

G Coy Platoon
G Coy - whole company

G Coy men

Bloodworth, Dowland, man, Cullinan, Meyer

G Coy group with lady searcher


H Coy outside hotel
I Coy Platoon .
I Coy - C E Vickers .
J Coy - whole coy
K Coy - arriving Cork
K Coy Men at Dublin
M Coy album - over 100 unannotated photos, many very striking
M Coy - officers
M Coy - men 1
M Coy - men 2
M Coy General Inspection
N Coy Belfast
N Coy photo - whole company
N Coy - Football Team
N Coy - Photo 1
N Coy - photo 2

N Coy officers

England R ....Hedley JCD... Watkins W

Q Coy Cadets
Q Coy - another cadet
Q Coy - group after LNWR Hotel attack
Crozier & Vickers


man..., Bruhl, ...Lewis ..., Crozier ,...Staff Officer ADRIC

Custom House 1

Custom House 2


Custom House Flag

Custom House 3


Custom House 4

Harrison H

Custom House 5

Dublin Raid

Hatch with carrying

Fake Battle of Vico Road

Company Officers

man , Martinson WF, man front, Maddox CH back, man, man

Mansion House 1

Mansion House 2 .... David FHS

Vickers Car 1 at Amiens Station
Vickers Car 2 at Amiens Station

An Arrest

Arrested man ......Adric 1..... Rand FAR.....Adric 3

Prisoner taken

Simpson leading a parade

Simpson RS

Hotel Man 1

Tender in Dublin Street

Crossley Tender (funeral of Major Holmes in Jan 1921)

Laughing couple
Off for a swim. Post Truce
George Stocks , M Coy

3 Men

Man 3 back right

3 Men

Man 2 back left

3 Men

Man 1 Front centre

Armoured Car
Funeral 1
Funeral 2 - Appleford

Funeral 3 - Bayley

Sharp SF

Funeral 4 - Houghton

CH Maddox , HAP Bruhl

Funeral J J Fitzgerald
Officers on steps

Maddox-Bruhl Truck


Viceroy Inspection 1920
Funeral 5 Bloody Sunday
Lloyd George Inspection - 5 Nov 1920
Garniss funeral
3 Shooters
3 more men