Depot Company


1920 Jul 27. The original Depot was at Curragh Camp

1920 Sep 7. Moved to Beggars Bush Barracks

1920 Nov 5. 20 ADRIC men under 3DI of Depot Coy, T Mitchell , go to England for a funeral, and are inspected by Lloyd George

1920 Nov 19. Depot Staff was increased from 61 on the 19th November to 89 on the 29th November.

1921 Mar 11 The bloodhounds were assembled. There were apparently 13 of them.

1921 Mar 30. HL Wheeler Joined ADRIC with service no 1875 - Reg Sgt Major, 3DI

1921 Jun 2. Swann posted to Depot Coy as DQM. And graded DI1

1921 Nov 22 F Milner posted to Depot as QM

1922 Mar. The Treasury received a report saying that Depot Company could not account for over £319 in cash: "the whole amount is due to the defalcations of ex-Cadet Joslyn, who was convicted by court martial and sentenced to six months' imprisonment for false pretences and falsification of accounts in December 1921

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