E Coy

E Company appears to have been based as follows

Men, Platoons and Officers

1920 The recruits started to be allocated to E Coy from 3 to 10 Sep 1920 in numbers.

1920 Sep 19 A shooting in the Dublin Mountains. 30 ADRIC men under Dudley shot a civilian who had been drilling. WJ Duffy was in E Coy, as was DI1 GV Dudley

1920 Sep 28 G V Dudley was in Trim with a group of his men during the day, but appears to have left about 6 hours before the burning began in Trim.

1920 October 14 . E Company were posted to Coolavin, Co. Sligo. They were stationed at the home of The MacDermot but after a month there the company moved to Boyle probably because of pressure from the family. Charles MacDermot, ‘A summer holiday at Coolavin’, Echoes of Ballaghaderreen, 22 (2007), p. 7; The Auxiliaries occupied the house around 14 October. G V Dudley was the O/C. The Auxiliaries left Coolavin on or about 11 November and took up residence in Boyle. The McDermot who owned Coolavin house was the Vice-Chairman of the General Prisons Board, Ireland at the time and presumably used his influence to have the Auxiliaries moved. These Auxiliaries took part in the house burnings after the Moneygold/Cliffoney ambush in October 1920.

Coolavin House

1920 Oct 25 At Moneygold eight miles from Sligo (between Grange and Cliffony in Co. Sligo), the IRA ambush an nine-man RIC patrol, killing four. The IRA was led by Sligo Brigade O/C William Pilkington. Auxiliaries, who were stationed at the residence of The McDermott in Coolavin, traveled to north Sligo some time after the ambush and searched the countryside for the ambushers. The County Inspector reported. "The houses of some leading suspects were burned as well as the Father O'Flanagan Sinn Féin Hall at Cliffony". The Crown forces threw a cordon around the Grange area and spent two nights searching for the ambushers. Many houses were burned.

The Roscommon Herald reported that during the week ending Saturday 23rd October lorries carrying the "new RIC cadet corps"- the Auxiliaries - were arriving and departing from Boyle. Some of the Auxiliaries remained stationed in the town. A Company of Auxiliaries, E Company, was stationed at the residence of The MacDermott at Coolavin. There were about 120 of them, well equipped and they had a number of Crossley tenders. Early in 1921 they moved to the workhouse in Boyle and later in 1921 the company was transferred to Westport.

1920 Oct 27. Enniscrone was visited on the night of October 27th by a large force of Auxiliaries who arrived in six Crossley tenders. They raided many houses and picked up and interrogated Matt Kilcawley, a member of Dromore West District Council and Brigade Quartermaster. Eamonn Hannon was also picked up and interrogated by Auxiliaries on this occasion

1920 Nov 2. An RIC Sgt Fallon was shot. When news of the killing reached Sligo the D. I. John J. Russell sent a telegram to the Head Constable, Ballaghaderreen: "Inform all available Auxiliary forces proceed at once to Ballymote where a constable has been shot". About 9 pm that evening, six lorries of Auxiliaries arrived from Ballaghaderreen and reprisals did take place. Local police were confined to Barracks and took no part in the destruction

1920 Nov 4. The Auxiliaries then transferred to The Workhouse in Boyle, Roscommon where some were already based .Other sources say half the company were at Elphin Street Workhouse already. The workhouse buildings no longer exist. Part of the site is now occupied by a Western Health Board day centre and training centre. THe Freeman's Journal reports on 13 Nov that the Auxiliaries are already in the Workhouse.

1920 Nov 9. A raid on the offices of the Leitrim Observer, which was at Carrick-on-Shannon, about 10km from Boyle

1920 Nov 10. FG Lancaster, 2nd in command E Coy, moves to Permanent rank in RIC

1920 Nov 19. G V Dudley transfers to Permanent Cadet in RIC and ceases to be E Coy Commander of E Coy. Lt Col S F Forbes Sharp was the new commanding officer. In Mar 1922 the Treasury got a report into E Company's accounts which showed a deficiency of £61, which was blamed on a Major Dudley, "who was in command up to November 1920, and is now being prosecuted for defalcations in his accounts as a regular District Inspector."

1920 Nov 25. Frank Carty was captured by Auxiliaries at Moylough in a house owned by Mrs Vesey. He was taken to Sligo Barracks

1920 Nov 29 . Strength of E Coy fell from 100 to 63 when 36 men from E Coy were transferred to Cork and where they formed the major part of K coy ( responsible for the Burnings in Cork.)

1920 Dec 20 CEA Williams promoted to 2nd in Command

1920 Dec 24. During a search of the Gurteen area by Auxiliaries from Boyle ammunition was found in the rafters of a house belonging to John Flynn and he was arrested and later court-martialled.

1921 Jan 14. 5 "leading" merchants were forced to parade through the streets of Ballina. The Commander of the Auxiliary forces issued a statement that said that "they were merely asked to come to the Auxiliary Headquarters and when desired to carry the Union Jacks through the streets, did not object" As the Freeman's Journal sarcastically notes, "why was nothing said about the trailing of the Republican flag through the gutter or the kissing of the Union Jack by the 5 merchants on bended knees which concluded the ceremony" Some 20 Auxiliaries were based at Ballina (Moy Hotel) from Jan 1921. I assume it was probably E Coy as they were the closest company at that time.

Moy Hotel , Ballina

WS1569 One of the many exasperating deeds which occurred in Ballina during the Auxiliaries' overlordship, was when they gathered in the main street, in front of the Moy Hotel, a number of most respectable citizens and men who were whole-heartedly Sinn Feiners Pat Beirne, John Moylett, Martin Corcoran, Michael Moylett and after handcuffing them, the Auxiliaries tied the Tricolour to the last prisoner, trailing it in the mud of the streets and with an itinerant musician marching in front, took them to the Market Cross where the prisoners were beaten and kicked to their knees in an effort to make them kiss a Union Jack placed on the roadway

The Ballina Herald reporter later told how he was picked up by an Auxiliary from the newspaper's offices and escorted to the Moy Hotel where he was interviewed by the commander of the Auxiliaries in Ballina. The rest of this interview was the "clarification" that appeared in later reports.

1921 Mar 22 . Report of E Coy moving to Westport

1921 Mar 24. Auxiliaries (from E Coy) raided Mulloolly's farmhouse near Strokestown, Roscommon, the day after the Scramogue Ambush. He was suspected of having taken part in the ambush. Major General Jeudwine was not satisfied with the original inquiry deeming it "farcical and useless". A second inquiry on 4 Apr heard an un-named Auxiliary testify that as they were leaving the farm, he discovered that he had lost a glove, so he jumped out of the Crossley, and returned alone to the farmyard. Here he saw Mulloolly, ordered him to put his hands up, and the Auxiliary claimed, that instead of putting his hands up Mulloolly made a quick movement to his pocket. The Auxiliary then shot Mulloolly in the neck and departed leaving the body where it lay. The body was not searched for arms. Collins papers show that the IRA believed that the Cadet that shot Mullooly was T/Cadet Basil Peers

1921 Apr Fancy Dress Ball at Boyle

1921 Apr 14 At about 11 pm on the night of Thursday April 14th, Thomas Walker's house in the Ballinafull area was visited by a number of armed and masked men. He was taken out and shot. A notice was found near his body with the message"Spies and Informers beware. IRA". Auxiliaries visited the scene on the Friday morning and a number of arrests were made.

Grainy photo of Boyle Workhouse

1921 Apr 27. CEA Williams, E Coy 2nd in Command was posted to J Coy. 2nd in Command

1921 Apr 28 The Auxiliaries of E Coy hold a masked ball.

1921 Jun 11

Moved to Westport, Co. Mayo. P Coy came to Tubbercurry, Co Sligo. in April, so it is not surprising that E Coy moved from Boyle, only a few miles away. Some reports say they were at the Workhouse, but a report from the Company Commander in Sept. 1921 shows that they were not there then, even though they were in Westport. Photographs suggest they were based at Westport House. The former Westport workhouse site is now occupied by a housing estate, although traces of the workhouse cemetery remain. The Railway Hotel, Westport was also used (5 Aug 1921, WE Mills MIC shows them there)


The left photo must be Company Commander SF Sharp (centre) with 2nd in Command AW Brawn Intelligence Officer RGD Willan and 3 Platoon Commanders plus perhaps Transport Officer and CQM. The right hand photo is probably a platoon of E Coy (with man second left standing in Company officer's photo as Platoon Commander)

1921 Jun/Jul. The photograph is of Auxiliary Officers with Coy Commander S F Forbes Sharp in the centre, at the entrance gates to Westport House in June or July 1921. The other picture is of a Platoon strength group at the same place. The main entrance to Westport House which has these gates was opposite North Mall - the gates have by now been demolished.   The photos are taken from inside the gates, indicating that the Auxiliaries were in residence at Westport House at that time

1921 Aug 5 . The MIC of Section Leader WE Mills shows he was at Railway Hotel in Westport on that date. So at least one section was at this location

Old Railway Hotel, Westport.

1921 Oct 15. A report from the Commanding Officer 'E' Company, with his address given only as "Westport", shows that he went to inspect the Workhouse in Westport on 23rd September 1921 but found it already occupied by the IRA, under the command of Michael Kilroy and threat they had machine guns mounted there

1922 Jan 18. E Company left Ireland for England from Westport.

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