K Company ADRIC - Individual Platoons

K company had a brief existence. It was founded in Dublin 22 Nov 1920 with only 3 men.  K Coy was wound up on March 1921 following the "Burning of Cork" and the murder of Canon Magner. The men in K Coy were transferred out to other companies.

Crozier's statement that K Coy was formed from 3 platoons of trained men from other ADRIC companies is patently not true. The first platoon in K Coy was formed between 31 Aug 1920 and 7 Sep 1920. At this stage T Sparrow was a DI3 (he was not promoted DI2 until 21 Nov 1920 ) and O W R G Latimer who was a T/Cadet until promoted Section Leader on 25 Sep 1920 (and on to DI2 on 13 Nov ). Quite clearly there is one platoon of 30 men who were together as a unit from early Sept, and went on to join K Coy as it formed in Cork in early Dec. This platoon was attached to E Company until they met up with the rest of K Coy in Cork.

The second platoon of 32 men, quite clearly is make up on new recruits who had joined ADRIC between 22 Nov to 29 Nov 1920. The individual details of each platoon are given below

There appear to have been 3 Platoons at the time of the burning of Cork, but the evidence is difficult to follow. The only DI3 mentioned are PF De Havilland and YRD Wigan

The dates are their time of arriving in and K Coy. As with most things to do with ADRIC admin, it is not straightforward

The register giving ADRIC strength and transfers shows

The detail of the movements into and out of K Coy The men in bold are mentioned in Strickland Report.


K Coy