M Coy ADRIC - Longford

I assume this is Wainwright, plus 2nd in Command, 3 Platoon Commanders, Intelligence Officer and one other probably Transport Officer.


"M" who wore a large red diamond patch on their Balmorals and were stationed in Longford in the County Infirmary.The recruits for M Coy started arriving from 20 Dec 1920 in Dublin. The company was based at the County Infirmary, Longford from 16 Jan 1921 , They are unusual in having the same barracks and the same Coy Commander and same 2nd in Command for their total existence.

1920 Dec 20 The main recruiting for M Coy took place with 73 new men enlisting and being assigned to M Coy between Dec 20 and Dec 29

1921 Jan 9. Press report gives two lorries full of auxiliaries leaving Longford in the direction of Ballinalee, trailing a battered republican flag.

1921 Jan 16. M coy were based at the County Infirmary, Longford

Dr Nathaniel Mayne was in charge of the hospital at Longford for many years

1921 Jan 17 The wounding of WFP Williamson and JB White

1921 Feb 3. Clonfin Ambush , two lorries carrying 17 Auxiliaries were driving between Granard and Ballinalee. The Longford Flying Column under Sean McEoin had prepared to ambush them at Clonfin. The IRA exploded a mine under the first lorry, wounding all the Auxiliaries in that lorry and killing the driver. The second lorry ran into the ambush and its occupants were attacked by the IRA. The Auxiliaries surrendered when their ammunition ran out. McEoin gave orders that the wounded were to be cared for and that survivors should not be executed. One of the Auxiliaries (it appears to have been Richardson) got away and managed to summon reinforcements. Four Auxiliaries are killed (DI Francis Craven, Cadet George Bush, Cadet Harold Clayton and Cadet John Houghton and eight wounded. After the Auxiliaries surrendered, MacEoin allowed the wounded to get medical treatment. 

1921 Feb 28. Sentry wounded at Ballinalee - the wounded man appears to be a Black & Tan, and nothing to do with ADRIC

1921 May 1 Head Const M Haran posted to M Coy. He was regular RIC, and presumably was an accounting job

1921 Jun 19. Thomas Kelleher was killed, and D Wainwright gave evidence at the inquiry.

At about 01: 00 hours on June 19th 1921, a cycle patrol under my command was operating in the village of Drumlish, Co. Longford. Section Leader F.W. Osman and Temporary Cadet C.G. Hughes were about 200 yards down the road in order to rouse the occupants of a shop to get a spare part for a bicycle. I heard firing coming from that direction. I went to the scene and found them engaging two men; one of them vanished over a wall and the other lay groaning on the ground. The latter died almost immediately. He was wearing a Sam Browne belt and revolver holster and had in his pocket an egg bomb and a dispatch addressed to the “Police Officer, Longford Brigade”. I subsequently removed the body to the military mortuary at Longford, where it is now lying. I saw a wound in his shoulder, one in his left leg and one over his heart

1921 Aug 6. M Coy organised a picnic at Newtownforbes - about 4 kn from Longford

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