O Company

Originally in North Dublin Union Workhouse, O Company was moved to Dunmanway, Co. Cork in Feb 1921 to replace K Coy. In fact O coy was composed of many men from K Coy with the arrival of a complete Platoon from K Coy. on 13 March 1921.

1921 Jan 27. A Hulse posted to O Coy . Company Commander

1921 Feb 5. P de Haviland posted to O Coy. 2nd in Command.

1921 Feb 10 The date is to allow no break in their service, the men appear to have been back in Ireland on 16 Feb. The Platoon sized group of 19 "reinstated" Trim Looting Incident Cadets were posted to in O Coy. They remined on the books of O Coy until 5 March when they were moved to P Coy, but were still suspended (they were taken off suspension on Apr 22 and eventually went to R Coy on May 14) . As they were suspended for their entire time with O Coy, it is doubtful that they ever served with the company

1921 17 Feb . P de Haviland promoted to Coy Commander K Coy. But returned to command O Coy 11 days later. The short excursion to K Company was a need for a Coy Commander after Latimer was suspended following burning of Cork. The decision was made to wind up K Coy, and personnel were transferred to other companies in March 1921

1921 Feb 28. Major Piers de Havilland, Became the Company Commander having returned from K Coy

de Haviland is the man who was promoted to Command O Coy

1921 Mar 3. J A M Faraday was 2nd in command of O Coy

1921 Mar 3. T/C VR Scott died in Trim . There was an military court of enquiry, pointing perhaps to suicide.He was O Coy, but it was N Coy quartered at Trim. I assume a platoon of O Coy was there whilst O Coy was being formed

1921 Mar 13 A complete platoon arrives at O coy from the disbanding of K Coy. These are all men who were posted to K Coy after 1 Jan 1921 and were therefore not "tainted" by the Burning of Cork

1921 Apr 29 Appears in Cork Examiner. M Godfrey is a DI2 in HQ Coy. J Williams appears from the records to be a Section Leader and FG Conning was A/CQM without a grading

1921 May 21. JAM Faraday leaves ADRIC to become a Permanent Cadet as DI in RIC

1921 May 31.TF Burke posted to O Coy as 2nd in Command And he appears to remain in position until demobilisation in Jan 1922

1921 Jul 7. Freemans Journal reports "A number of the Auxiliary Division quartered at Dunmanway, while bathing in the river on July 7, a Castle report states, were fired at - about 20 shots from 50 yards - the attackers were not seen

1921 Jun 8. Daniel Cowley was shot and killed by a raiding party on his house from O Coy. DI GA Warner was in overall charge, and there were groups approaching the farm from north , sough and west. S/L LVentress was in charge of the Auxiliaries at the north side of the house. He was accompanied by S/L RL Rolfe. Their evidence was that Cowley came running out of the house, they called on him to halt and when he did not they opened fire, and Cowley was killed.. Ventress then searched house with DI GA Warner

1921 Sep 16. O Coy were at Dunmanway from Stevenson's MIC.

1921 Oct 4. Incident in Dunmanway

1921 Oct 6. Trouble in Dunmanway

1921 Oct 7. "O" Company still in Dunmanway with P. De Havilland as C.O. He appears to remain C.O. of O Coy until disbandment.

1921 Nov 24. O Coy were at Dunmanway from Horner's MIC.

1921 Dec 19 O Coy were still at Dunmanway (letter from FG Williams on this date)

1922 Jan 19. Southern Star reports that they left from Dunmanway on this date. The list of men demobilised

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