R Company ADRIC

An analysis of the Platoons, Sections and the movement of Officers and NCOs is given in the Platoon Structure page for R Coy

1921 Apr 16 R Company formed. Although WL King was nominally the Company Commander, he was in fact on leave for most of his time in command - he moved on to command D Coy in Galway

As far as I can work it out 48 men and the 18 Trim men, totaling 66 T/Cadets formed the original R Coy of 9 Sections - that is 7 T/Cadets per section. It is not possible to know whether the Trim men were kept together in 3 Sections with their own Trim Section Leader , or not.

1921. May 14 The Platoon sized group of now 18 "reinstated" Trim Looting Incident Cadets were posted to in O Coy. They remined on the books of O Coy until 5 March when they were moved to P Coy, but were still suspended (they were taken off suspension on Apr 22 and eventually went to R Coy on May 14)

1921 May 24 Raids with R Coy

1921 May 26 Raids with R Coy

1921 May 27 Raids with R Coy

1921 May 29 JE Arnott and S/L FL Treasure involved in interrogation of J Murphy in Royal Barracks

1921 May 30 Raids carried out

1921 Jun 1. F Hollingworth was posted to R Coy as Intelligence Officer DI3 and in that job till Jan 1922 demobilisation

1921 Jun 4. WF MacKenzie was in charge of an R Coy patrol that shot Henry O'Rourke

1921 Jun 26 WF Hunt was murdered in a hotel in Dublin. A newspaper report said he was based at London & North Western Hotel

1921 Jul 3. 2 civilian employees arrested for trying to hold up a bar in Dublin.. Foiled by T/Con JJ Guth

1921 Jul 4. G Rimmer and JG Moore wounded in a "malicious attack in Parnell St"

1921 Oct 22. An article in Irish Times "Since the truce came into operation the Auxiliary Division of the Royal Irish Constabulary have organised many entertainments in Dublin, but perhaps the most successsful was a dance which was held last night in La Scala Theatre. It was organised by the Officer Commanding R Company (Captain H. Bannerman) and other officers. The spacious and handsome ballroom was taxed to its utmost, about 120 couples being present. Among the guests were General A.E. Wood, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O.; Captain W.F. Martinson, and representatives of the garrison units in Dublin, together with a large number of local residents. The music was supplied by Mr. A. P. Rafter's orchestra."

1921 Nov 12. Political Imprisonment and the Irish, 1912-1921 By William Murphy. A contingent of Auxiliaries under DI WF Mackenzie was sent into Mountjoy following disturbances among the prisoners. There were complaints by the prisoners against them. McKenzie did not deny that some rough treatment and language had been used , but insisted that "it was nothing to that the prisoners had used towards us and they had resisted being searched" On 16 Nov the Auxiliaries were withdrawn except for 21 prisoners who were particularly high risk

1922 Jan 16 dispersal roll contains the names of 68 men . An analysis shows that there were 3 Platoons, 9 Sections and 58 T/Cadets plus the full compliment of Officers and Section Leaders on demobilisation on 16 Jan 1922


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