Bertram Vivian Archer Agnew, RNR

I am confident that he did not have the DSC ascribed to him in some press reports

1896 Jan 14 (on RIC enlistment roll) Lancs

The child was christened as the son of Adam and Emily Archer of 59 Tagus St in March 1898. He was adopted by Annie Agnew, who was Emily's mother. . In Apr 1901 at the census a 16 year old Emily Agnew, daughter of Annie Agnew (Annie is his adoptive mother) , is living with them at 59 Tagus St. And in 1911 census Annie and Bertie are still living with Emily who by now has married a Herbert Holiday - they married Jul/Sep 1905. Emily would only have been 13 when she had the child (she appears to have been born in Oct/Dec 1884). Emily appears to have had 3 other children, Dolly Agnew b1905, Elsie Holliday b1907, Harry Holliday b1909

1891 Census shows the Agnews living at 59 Tagus Street, Toxteth with their adopted daughter Emily Wilson aged 6

1898 Jan 9. Born and registered as Bertram Vivian Archer at Toxteth Park and was adopted by Annie Agnew. Her husband Ezekiel died in 1900.

1898 Mar 23. Christened at Edge Hill, St Catherine son of Adam & Emily Archer. A difference between Vivian and Bevan in Christening and Registration but it is certainly the same child. The mother is Emily (Wilson) the Agnews adopted daughter, who would have been 13 when she had the child

1901 Census living at 59, Tagus Street, Toxteth Park

1911 Census living at 57 Longfield Road, Litherland

1914 Oct 19 Midshipman RNR [proby]. He must have been serving in a war zone as he is credited with Star as well as Victory and British War Medals

Pre war Virginian As Armed Merchant Cruiser "Virginian"

1914 Dec 10. Appointed to the armed merchant cruiser Virginian. The RMS Virginian was operated by the British Admiralty throughout World War One as an armed merchant cruiser and troopship

The armed merchant cruiser AMC Virginian in the new year of 1915 was cruising out of Liverpool up towards Iceland. "Miserable weather and very frightening."

1915 Nov 8 Virginian in Liverpool log

1916 Sep 9. Appointed to the armed merchant cruiser Andes. In the First World War ‘Andes’ formed part of the Tenth Cruiser Squadron, as an armed merchant cruiser, patrolling the North Atlantic.

1917 Oct . Appointed to the torpedo boat destroyer Saracan & is an Acting Sub-Lt RNR in the October 1917 Navy List. He is a permanent officer in the RNR. HMS Saracen was a Tribal class destroyer launched in 1908 and sold in 1919. During the First World War she served in the North Sea and the English Channel with the 6th Destroyer Flotilla.

1918 Jan 14. His seniority as a Sub-Lt RNR is 14.1.18

1918 Sep 9. Appointed to the Flower class sloop Honeysuckle,and was still there December 1918. He is not in Fevyer's roll for the DSC 1901-38.

Honeysuckle had the following officers listed against her December 1918.

Flower Class Sloop in WW1

HMS Honeysuckle was built by Lobnitz & Company, Renfrew, launched 29 April 1915. Sold 6 September 1922. The Flower class sloops were used almost entirely for minesweeping until 1917, when they were transferred to escort duty.They were single-screw Fleet Sweeping Vessels (Sloops) with triple hulls at the bows to give extra protection against loss when working. These crews had a crew of about 80.

1920 Jan 14. RNR. Sub-Lieuts. to be Lieuts. Bertram V. A. Agnew.

1920 Jan 30 demobilised

1920 Aug 17. Joined ADRIC with service no 370. RIC 72842 C Coy Macroom. Given as RNR. Assigned to C Coy

1920 Nov 6. Two Auxiliaries (Cadets Bertram Agnew and Lionel Mitchell) are reported missing at Macroom, Co. Cork. It is believed that they were kidnapped by the IRA on their way from Macroom to Cork and then interrogated and killed. Their bodies were never found. The ADRIC struck him off the roll on 15 Nov. The 28 Nov 1920 "Missing" seems to be the official rendering

Only Mitchell's parents appear to have got compensation. I assume that Agnews real mother could not claim, as she was not registered as the mother.

His step sister Elsie Halliday inherited his dress sword, and it then went to her daughter Cynthia Holliday and is in 2016 in her house.