Lt Stanley Beecroft Atkinson RAF

1899 Apr 9 Born Hull Yorkshire

1901 census at 57, Trinity Street, Hull. His father is "Grain Warehouse Keeper's Manager"

1911 census at 43 Louis St , Spring Bk, Hull

1915 - 1917 A clerk at Messers Wm Atkinson, Hull - I assume a family firm

1917 Jul 18 Cadet in RFC

1918 Aug 24. The undermentioned Prob. Flight Officers (late R.N.A.S.) are granted temp, commns. as 2nd Lts. (A. & S.) : Stanley Beecroft Atkinson. 136 Goddard Av, Hull

1921 May 19. Restored to the Active List for Temp duty.

1921 Nov 14. Accepted in England. Joined ADRIC with service no 2177. Posted H Coy. 6 month contract

1922 Jan 13 Discharged at demobilization of ADRIC

1922 Mar 29. Joined the British Gendarmerie secton of the Palestine Police as a Sergeant.

1924 May 20. Reserve of Air Force Officers. Stanley Beecroft ATKINSON is granted a commission in Class A, General Duties Branch, as a Pilot Officer on probation.

1924 Dec 22. The undermentioned Pilot Officers are promoted to the rank of Flying Officer: Stanley Beecroft ATKINSON.

1932 May 20 . F/O S B Atkinson relinquishes his commission on completion of service

1940 Jul 9 . Transferred to Admin & Special Duties Branch RAF. Stanley Beecroft ATKINSON (70031).

1943 Sep 15. The undermtd. are apptd. to the R.A.F.V.R. on relinquishment of their commns. in the R.A.F.O., in the ranks and with seniority stated (subject to para. 121 of K.R. & A.C.I.): — Fig. Off. S. B. ATKINSON (70031) (Seny. 2nd Dec. 1924 (temp. Fit. Lt. seny.1st Dec. 1941.)

1994 Nov Died - Bournemouth, Hampshire, England