Charles Austin MM

One of the entries with no regiment nor rank. The RIC reg gives born Australia 1881, which is the age given in ADRIC register ie 39. But I cannot get him in AIF, nor in WO338. Nor can I get the birth in Aus. The above may or may not be him, as only officer on Ancestry cards. The Leave Book has him a "G Austin" which could make him "Guy Austin" in Royal Fusiliers, but I cannot connect him to an Australian birth

1881 or 1871 Jan 1. (RIC seem to have both - 1871 when he joined RIC as a Black & Tan and 1881 in ADRIC move) Born in Brisbane, Australia

1902 Apr 28. Married to Elizabeth Sullivan in Brisbane, Queensland from RIC entry and that exists in QLD records

1905 Oct 13 Son Charles Sidney Austin born in Queensland

1914 Aug 22 landed in France

MM awarded at some point

1918 Sep 24 Commissioned (from medal roll)

1920 Nov 9. Joined RIC as a Black & Tan

1920 Dec 20 resigned

1920 Dec 18. Joined ADRIC with service no 1275. Posted G Coy . Joined in Ireland. (probably a function of having just resigned as a Black & Tan)

1921 Jun 24. Admitted Cork Military Hospital

1921 Jul 12. Discharged Cork Mil. Hospital

1921 Sep 23. Re-engaged

1922 Jan 20 Discharged at demobilisation of ADRIC



There is a 1879 birth in Gulgong, NSW, Australia to William and Fanny Austin

And there is a AIF officer who died in 1919

1882 Jun. Born Woolwich, England Charles Percival Austin (from AIF enlistment)

1914 Aug 24. Enlisted in AIF. His next of kin is his wife at Kent St, Redhill, Brisbane, Australia. He was a telagraphist, and had served in Boer War

1915 Sep 14. Commissioned 2nd Lt

1916 Jan 19. Promoted Lt

1917 Sep 1 Promoted Capt

1917 Dec 28. Capt Charles Austin reported to have accidentally broken his femur in telegram to his wife

1919 Jul 1. Died in Australia a result of his injuries. So not him