Lt. Frederick Arthur Baker RFC

1899 March 26. Born Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland

1901 census at 16, Workworth Avenue, Whitley

1911 census at Haddon Road , Bakewell, Derbyshire

1917 Apr Enlisted in RAF

1917 Jul 5. The undermentioned cadets to be temp. 2nd Lts. (on prob.). General List (R.F.C.). Frederick Arthur Baker

On commissioning he joined the 47th training squadron and then a few weeks later joined the 82nd squadron on the 23rd. In August he was approved as a Flying Officer. In October he was reassigned to the 37th training Squadron

1917 Dec 12. Injured in an Aero Accident. 2Lt Baker was flying an Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8 (B213 AW), β€œAt 10,000Ft pilot shut off his engine, (the engine) refused to pick up, stalled and nosedived from 100 Ft.” 2Lt Baker amazingly survived this incident and the next date in his records finds him still with the 37th in May of 1918.

1918 Apr 1. Promoted Lt

Shortly thereafter in June, he was transferred to France with the No. 2 squadron which was mainly engaged in aerial reconnaissance. Seven days into this assignment, Lt Baker had another brush with disaster. On a training flight to practice landings in D5030 AW, one of the pilots turned on the nose during takeoff. Lt Baker was flying with Lt Harry Krummeck Baron, a south African enlistee in the RFC; both were noted as being ok.

From August to October Lt Baker was in hospital at Etaples, but he returned to No. 2 Sq on the 8th of October. His record states that in March of 1919 he is an Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8 pilot assigned to the BEF in the S.W. area for disposal. Within the next few weeks, he cycled through the 36th Training Depot Squadron (TDS), then the 37th TDS, and finally proceeded home.

1919 Mar 20. To Unemployed List

1920 Dec 20. Joined ADRIC with service no 1308. Posted to M Coy

1921 Sep 29 Re-engaged by ADRIC

1922 Jan 19. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC


1939 Sep 1. The undermentioned are granted commissions in the ranks stated with effect from 1st Sept. 1939 and with seniority of the dates stated:β€” Flying Officer - Lt. Frederick Arthur BAKER (75003)

1955 Mar 24. RAF. SECRETARIAL BRANCH. Appointment to commission (class CC). As Flying Officer:β€” Frederick Arthur BAKER (75003).

1980 Dec Died Greenwich, London