Lt Chambre Baldwin , Gloucestershire Regt

1884 Nov 9. Born Bath, Somerset.

1891 census at Green Park, Bath

1901 census

1906 His father was a pigeon fancier "Because of this popularity and his enthusiasm for the breed, several leading breeders were contacted by J Y Baldwin in early 1906, with the intention of forming a new club. The new club, 'The British Nun Club' was therefore formed later that year at a meeting held at James Baldwin's house, 21 Green Park, Bath, with around 12 Nun breeders attending. At that time there were over a dozen Nun breeders alone in and around the city of Bath. James Baldwin was made the first chairman and treasurer, Henry Ryman was elected secretary and Fred Butcher, a very successful breeder for many years was elected preside

1911 census he is not in UK

1914 Oct 24. The undermentioned to be temporary Second Lieutenants - Chambre Baldwin. The History of the Sierra Leone Battalion of the Royal West African Frontier Force compiled by Lieutenant R.P.M. Davies confirms that Lt C Baldwin joined the battalion but there are no further mentions of his name

1915 Apr 28. Leaves UK for Sierra Leone. "Lt"

1915 Apr 28. The undermentioned are transferred to the General List: — Second Lieutenant C. Baldwin, 11th Battalion, The Gloucestershire Regiment.

1915 Apr 28. Second Lieutenant C. Baldwin, The Gloucestershire Regiment, to be temporary Lieutenant, whilst serving in the Sierra Leone Battalion, West African Frontier Force.

1915 Oct. Enters war zone for first time.

1917 Jan 10 Leaves UK for Sierra Leone. "Lt"

1918 May 28 Arrives UK from Lagos, Nigeria. He is a "soldier" living in East Africa, and heading for Green Park, Bath (as on MIC)

1919 Apr 4. Glouc. R. Temp. Lt. C. Baldwin, from Gen. List, to be temp. Lt., 4 Apr. 1919, with seniority 28 Apr. 1915.

1920 Feb 7. Glouc. R. Temp. Lt. C. Baldwin relinquishes his commission on completion of service, and retains the rank of Lt.

1920 Aug/Sep married Wokingham, Berkshire, England to Sophie Grace Skinner (1895–1930)

1920 Aug 28. Joined ADRIC. with service no 399 . Posted to K Coy

1920 Oct 10 As part of a Court Martial of RJW West, JP Mannox and TF Burke, it came out that they had shot at Baldwin, while he was on sentry duty in Galway (D Coy)

1920 Nov 15. Platoon Commander, 3rd DI at K Coy . Intelligence Officer from 28 Nov 1920

1920 Nov 28 to 12 Dec on Leave

1921 Mar 19 Posted to Depot

1921 Apr 4. Posted to R Coy. DI3 & IO

1921 Apr 30, Posted to G Coy. DI3. Probably not IO

1921 Jun 24. Posted to I Coy . Reverts to T/Cadet.

1921 Sep 2 to 13 Sep on Leave

1922 Jan . Discharged from ADRIC at demobilisation

After leaving Ireland he went to Ceylon as a tea planter with his brother and returned in the early thirties to start a tennis racquet company (Murray and Baldwin)

1939 Living in 21 Green Park , Bath C.B., Somerset with Adelaide his mother. He is a Company Director and widowed

1942 Apr/Jun married in Bath to Iris Geal (1902–1972)

1940 Jan 20. Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps. Lt. Chambre Baldwin (108815), late Gloucs. R., to be Lt.

1942 Mar 24 Had up for drunk driving

1959 Jan 27. Married to Mabel Jill Gore at Nottingham

1969 Apr. Died Nottingham aged 84


He was my grandfather. I knew he went to Africa in the WAFF and he left me a chieftain's stoll from Ghana.It was rumoured he was in the Auxiliaries but I now see confirmation. after Ireland he went to Ceylon with his brother as a tea planter and returned in the early thirties to start a tennis racquet company (Murray and Baldwin). he said he spent most of his life "scrapping" and it was certainly varied. he came from a protestant ascendancy family from Cork. ironically his most successful achievement was his son (my father) who became one of the most decorated 2nd WW pilots (Group Captain JR Baldwin).