John Beets Bales

1897 Mar 28. Born John Beets Bales at Yarmouth

1897 Apr 19 Christened at Yarmouth son of John Beets Bales and Rosa Margeuretta

1901 census living with parents at 3 Queen Sq, Great Yarmouth. His father is a Herring Merchant

1911 census living at 15 Crown Road, Great Yarmouth

Joins the Norfolk Yeomanry and later the RAF.

1917 Dec 1. Commissioned. The undermentioned to be temp. 2nd Lts: 2nd Cl. Air Mech. John Beets Bales from R.F.C

1918 Jan 20. RAF Military Wing. Temp. 2nd Lts. (on prob.), Gen. List, and to be confirmed in their rank: J. B. Bales. He served in Salonica

1919 Sep 19. RAF. Transferred to unemployed list. it. J. B. Bales. .

1921 Mar 30 Joined ADRIC with service no RIC no 82706, ADRIC no 1876. With P Coy in Sligo.

1921 Apr 23 Bolam and Bales had travelled to Belfast on escort duty. They were ambushed in Belfast at 9pm at the junction of Donegal Place and Fountain Lane. Bolam died at the scene and Bales in hospital the next day.