Lt Alfred Tennyson Barker M.C.

AT Barker with Dorle Soria

1894 Sep 11 Born Salford, Lancashire

1901 census living at 7, Skerton Rd, Stretford, Lancs

1911 census living at 29 Park Avenue, Old Trafford

1915 Apr. Landed Egypt with 1/7 Manchester Regiment

1915 May 6 : 1/7 Manchester Regt landed on Gallipoli. 28 December 1915 : evacuated from Gallipoli, landed on Mudros and proceeded to Egypt.

1915 Dec 21 Manchester Regt. Private Alfred Tennyson Barker to be Second Lieutenant. Kings Liverpool Regt

1917 Jul 26. 2nd Lt. Alfred Tennyson Barker, L'pool R. MC Gazetted. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. When in charge of a listening patrol he attacked and dispersed a hostile raiding party that approached our lines in superior numbers. He personally bayoneted two of the enemy. His work on patrol has been consistently good

1919 Feb 25. The undermentioned are transferred to the unempld. list: 2nd Lt. A. T. Barker, M.C. (K. Liverpool R., T.F.).

1920 Aug 17. Joined RIC with ADRIC no 301 and with C Coy in Macroom

1920 Oct 1 Promoted Section Leader

1921 Feb 5. Promoted Platoon Commander DI3

1921 May 1. On raids in Dublin

1921 May 4 On raids in Dublin

1921 May 10 On raids in Dublin

1921 May 19. On raids in Dublin

1921 May 20 On raids in Dublin

1921 May 24 Raids with C Coy

1921 May 30 Raids with C Coy

1921 May 31 Raids in Dublin

1921 Oct 15 to Oct 16 on Leave

1921 Jul 11 to 26 Jul on Leave

1921 Dec 7. 9th Kings Regt. Relinquishes his commission

1922 Jan 7 Posted to Depot

1922 Jan 11. Posted to Holyhead , presumably part of demobilisation admin.

1922 Jan 27. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Mar 27. Joined Palestine Police in British Gendarmerie section as a Captain

1931 Dec 23, Arrives from Palestine in UK. Police Officer, travels alone. 1st class

1933 Jul 23 Leaves UK on SS Naldera bound for Port Said, Egypt, travelling 2nd class, profession "independent" and last UK address 70 Queens Gate, London SW7

1933 Nov 2. Arrives in London from Palestine. Police Officer, travels alone. 1st class

1934. There is an article here about Alfred Tennyson Barker and a shipboard romance which started in 1934 and carried on for some years afterwards.AT Barker met Dorle Soria on the Lloyd Triestino Line boat from Trieste to Beirut which resulted in letters from Barker that Dorle Soria kept and were used by David Winner for this article. Barker in one letter describes himself as " a fairly good policeman who has served four years of war; been a black and tan ". - From the author. Basically, the scenes in which people are talking (or Barker in the Royal Chelsea Hospital) are fictional. Obviously, I wasn't there. The basic facts of Barker's life are true to the best of my knowledge. He was in Auxiliary Police in Ireland in the twenties between the WW1 and becoming a policeman in Mandate Palestine. Unfortunately, I know nothing of his experience in Ireland. The photograph was indeed him. The story comes from the correspondence between AT Barker and the author's great-aunt Dorle Soria

1936 Dec 15 The High Commissioner directs it to be notified for general information that MR. M. J . MCCONNELL, District Superintendent of Police, Northern District, has been appointed to act as a member of the District Motor Regulatory Board, Northern District, with effect from the 4th November, 1936, during the absence on leave of MR . A. T . BARKER, M. C , Deputy Superintendent of Police, Northern District.

1938 Aug . From David Winner's article "A Fairly Good Policeman" Here is how he describes the situation in Palestine in August of 1938: "The wealthy Arabs are going or have gone to Europe or Lebanon for safety, and the situation is steadily becoming worse and here I am in a land where innocent people, Jews, and Arabs, women and children are blown to pieces by bombs, lives of people whose only crime is race destroyed by assassins who only know them to be of the race they hate. They know nothing about their private lives, their responsibility of family or anything else. But it is my job to do my best to cope with it - I have no other training and wish for none."

Another letter is interrupted by his job. "Interval during which I coped with two Jews in charge of a lorry being stoned and the lorry burnt, a bomb being thrown, no casualties, and a Jew shot and seriously wounded." In a different letter, he complains of there being a "rash of political assassinations," which are "difficult to cope with."

1939 Jan 13. Mr A Barker of Palestine Police leaves UK for Port Said .

A photo of Montgomerie inspecting the troops in Palestine, taken by Barker and sent to Dorle Soria

1939 Dec 23. Leaves UK on Oronsay, Capt A T Barker MC heading for Port Said. UK address is Crown Agents, Whitehall. He is an "army officer"

1941 Jan 1. Gazetted the “King’s Police Medal” for “distinguished service” . District Superintendent of Police, Palestine

1970 Jul/Sep. Died Chichester, Sussex

Auxiliary Division of RIC