John Maurice Barnett

1898 Mar 27. Born St Leonards on Sea, Sussex, son of John Gemmill Barnett and Susan Maria Marsh. His father John Gemmill Barnett, second son of Mary née Johnston & John Milford Barnett, born on 29th April 1862, in Deesa, India. Educated at Lurgan College and Heversham Grammar School, Kendal (Cumbria). He was a businessman and travelled from Belfast to Argentina – Rosario, Alberdi province of Santa Fe - as of representative of Lloyds. He married Susan Marsh in 1894 (Belfast). In England, they lived at Lavender Lodge, Biddenham, Bedfordshire. Susan died on 6th June 1936. They had four children

1901 census He was in Argentina with his parents. His father worked as a Lloyd's representative.

1902 Jan 16 Arrives UK from Lisbon with his parents

1911 census at

1916 Aug 16. The undermentioned Gentlemen Cadets, from the R. Mil. Coll., to be 2nd Lts. R. Innis. Fus.— John Maurice Barnett.

1917 Apr Landed in France

1920 Nov 17 Joined ADRIC with service no 1067 and posted to I Coy . Father given as living in Biddenham, Beds

1921 Mar 22 Posted to Depot

1921 Apr 2 Posted to P Coy

1921 May 9 Admitted to Hospital

1921 May 21 Posted to Depot

1921 May 26 to 8 Jun on Leave

1921 Jun 11. Posted to LCoy

1921 Jul 15 to 30 Jul on Leave

1921 Sep 2. Re-engaged in ADRIC

1921 Nov 22 to 8 Dec on Leave

Fined £3 by Coy Commander

1921 Nov 2. Posted to P Coy

1921 Dec 31 Posted to Depot

1922 Jan 14. Discharged at disbanding of ADRIC

1922 Feb 28 He gave evidence on a car crash which he witessed. He is a mining student of Cambourne

1922 Jun 16. Arrives in Melbourne, Australia. He spent five years with the Dominion's Police, before returning to England to take several degrees at Camborne School of Mining. He worked tin and ochre mines in Cornwall, and in the Persian Gulf.

1928 Feb 7. His car is hit by a drunk driver in Cornwall. He is a Mining Student

1929 Apr he is at Cambourne Schools of Mine

1931 Feb 19. In trouble over a driving offence

1931 He has another motoring offence

1936 He worked for two days without rest, blasting a tunnel to reach a dog which was trapped in a 100ft mine-shaft. He was awarded the Silver Medal of the Royal Society for the Preventioan of Cruelty to Animals (I cannot confirm this)

1936 Nov 26 Canoe trip

1937 Gains Aero Certificate

1939 Jan 13. The engagement to Miss Marion Uran of Cambourne was cancelled by her. Notice in paper

1939 Feb 28 Drink Driving

1940 Feb 28. Royal Engineers - The undermentioned to be Lts. John Maurice BARNETT (110844), late Lt. R. Inniskilling Fus.

1944 May 5. Escaped from Colditz. Taken prisoner near Dunkirk he was sent to Lauften, from which he escaped, to be re-captured and sent to Colditz. Mr Barnett studied Yogi until by willpower he was able to raise his blood pressure on demand. The Germans repatriated him, thinking he would never stand the journey home. I cannot conirm this

1949 Oct 15. John married Georgina Margaret ARNOLD-FOSTER, at Shalford Parish Church.  Georgina was born 22nd July 1908 and died in July 1987.

1952. He set off with his wife in the yacht Lassie to sail round the world. On their way to the Azores they ran into a storm, and after much buffeting accepted a tow from a steamer. The storm became worse, and while the steamer was trying to take them aboard, she collided with Lassie and the yacht was wrecked.

1953. They moved from Cornwall to live at Walberton a year ago, they sailed all the way to Bosham Harbour in an oyster boat.

1954 On electoral reister at Copse Lane , Walburton with his wife

1954 Aug 23 Died Sussex

1987 Jul 9 His widow died in Cornwall