Capt Edward Selwyn Moulton Barrett, RAF

1895 Nov 29. Born Meean Meer, Bengal, India . Son of Harry Peyton and Mabel Gertrude Moulton Barrett.

1911 census in Cosham, Fareham, Hants . He and his mother are visiting

1913 May 9. Bound over for stealing a motorbike

1914 Oct 16 . The undermentioned to be temporary Second Lieutenants.Edward Selwyn Moulton-Barrett

1915 Nov 24. The granting of the following Aviators' Certificates was confirmed . 2092 - 2nd Lieut. Edward Selwyn Moulton-Barrett (Seaforth-Highlanders) (Maurice Farman Biplane, Military School, Birmingham).

1916 Feb 1. Promoted Flying Officer from 2nd Lt

1916 Apr 1. The undermentioned temp. 2nd Lts. to be temp. Lts. whilst empld. with the R.F.C. E. S. Moulton-Barrett.

1917 Aug 1. Flight Comdrs.—From Flying Officers, and to be temp. Capts. whilst so empld. 1st Aug. 1917: — Temp.Lt. E. S. Moulton-Barrett, Gen. List.

1917 Aug 12. It was a daylight raid on Southend in which 33 civilians were killed, 46 injured and 9,600 pound sterling of damage was incurred. 13 Gothas left Germany, 11 were attacked but none were shot down. On that date 'B' flight, 44 Squadron, put 5 Camels into the air led by Captain Mackay in Camel B3827 The other flight members included Lieutenant E.S. Moulton-Barrett flying Camel B3776 who ran out of fuel and crash landed on his return to Hainault but was uninjured,

1919 Jun 6. Transferred to the unemployed list. Capt. E. S. Moulton-Barrett.

1920 Aug 24 Joined ADRIC with service no 336

1920 Dec 17. Permitted to resign

1921 Jan 17. Granted a Short Service commission with rank of Flying Officer

1921 Married Edith Shaw in London.

1922 May 22. Gordon Edward MOULTON-BARRETT, born the son of Edith and Flying Officer Edward Selwyn Moulton Barrett, Royal Air Force

1924 Jan 3. Promoted Fl. Lt

1927 Nov 1. The undermentioned are granted permanent commissions in the ranks stated. Flight Lts. Edward Selwyn MOULTON-BARRETT

1929 Jun 2 Decree Nisi. Appellant: Edward Selwyn Moulton-Barrett. Respondent: Edith Moulton-Barrett. Co-respondent: John Howard German Wills. Type: Husband's petition for divorce

1932 Married or appears to have re-married Edith Shaw/Moulton-Barrett

1932 Oct 1. Posted to no4 Flying School Abu Sueir

1935 Apr 1. Promoted Squadron Leader

1938 Aug 22. to No. 204 (G.R.) Squadron, Mount Batten; for Flying duties,

1939 Register Living with wife Edith at 15 Dean Park Road , Plympton St Mary R.D., Devon. He is an RAF Squadron Leader at Group HQ

1940 Jan 3. Squadron Leaders to be Wing Commanders. Edward Selwyn MOULTON - BARRETT (09214).

1941 May 5. The RAF formed the Merchant Ship Fighter Unit (MSFU) on 5 May 1941 in RAF Speke. Wing Commander E.S. Moulton-Barrett commanded the unit providing training for volunteer pilots, Fighter Direction Officers (FDOs) and airmen. After training, MSFU crews were posted to Liverpool, Glasgow or Avonmouth where they assisted in loading their Hurricanes onto the catapults. Each team consisted of one pilot for Atlantic runs (or two pilots for voyages to Russia, Gibraltar or the Mediterranean Sea) with one fitter, one rigger, one radio-telephone operator, one FDO and a seaman torpedoman who worked on the catapult as an electrician. MSFU crews signed ships articles as civilian crew members under the authority of the civilian ship's master. The ship's chief engineer became responsible for the catapult and the first mate acted as Catapult Duty Officer (CDO) responsible for firing the catapult when directed. The single Hurricane fighter was launched only when enemy aircraft were sighted and agreement was reached via hand and flag signals between the pilot, CDO and ship's master.

1943 May 25. :   RAF Stornoway Station Comander was  Gp Capt E S Moulton-Barrett. Until 7 Dec 1943

1944 Aug 10 to 8 Aug 1945. Returned as station commander RAF Stornoway

1945 Married in Yeovil to Shiela P Hawker

1946 Jan 1. MiD

1946 Jan 29 Retired. Group Captain

1961 He sells a painting . Purchased from Captain E. S. Moulton Barrett through Bearne's, Torquay, 1961, lot 729, £300, as attributed to Jan de Bray.

1967 Died Newton Abbott aged 72


WO 339/10672