Herbert James Beach M.C, QSA, Royal Fusiliers

1882 Apr 22. Born Malling , Kent

1891 census at Garden Cottage, Hazells, Northfleet, Kent

1901 census at Northfleet, Kent

1899 - 1902 Served in Boer War with South African Constabulary. Queen's South Africa Medal with 5 clasps. This appears to be the right man. From the timing he must have gone to South Africa soon after the census

1904 Apr 14. He sent his brother Sidney this letter from South Africa, so was still there then.
Dear Sid
Well old chap I suppose you will be surprised when you receive this, but then you know the old adage “ Better late than never”. In the first place Sid I sincerely hope you are progressing, and that you are enjoying the best of health, I had a letter from Edie this mail she also enclosed your address as I did not know it before I could not write, but mind I’m not making that as my excuse for not writing, as I could have sent them to Edie to be forwarded. Well Sid things are going on about the same out here, not much work, have a pretty good billet now in charge as the “Charge Officer” nothing but clerking all day, now and again get a summons to serve which takes me out about 20 or 30 miles, the last one I had was served on Chief Ballenburg Masils Langa (? – not sure of the spelling here) about 48 miles from here, I had a pretty good horse at the time completing the journey in 2 days not bad you know is it, mark you makes you darned stiff after (something something – can’t read it). Are you still on the Railway and what depot are you in, you might write and let me know a little about you. I suppose England’s looking the same, should like a trip over, but am afraid I shall have to wait a bit, if Will comes out I don’t expect I shall be over as I should like to have my 6 months leave in keeping to (something) things straight, then again a trip to England would cost at the least £150 the passage is a bit stiff about £30 each way I think, at any rate I’ll have a trip home in another couple of years and all being well, but do not think I shall stop, somehow this country seems so different to England.
I suppose the weather has a lot to do with it. You are practically (can’t read) it is always sunshine here and never very cold, don’t you ever have a wish to come out here the telegraph blokes here get pretty good pay I believe, but of course if you have a good billet I should advise you to stick to it. I myself I don’t think would ever get on in England, so have made up my mind to see if I can make a position here for myself, and think goodness things seem to have a direct point in that direction. And as the old prophet says everything comes to him who waits. Now I must close with love to Dan, Jessie, the children and yourself. I remain your affect Brother Bert

However he returns to UK by the end of 1907, as he enlists in RGA in Dec 1907

1907 Dec 4. Attested to RGA. No 27862. He was a "clerk" but had already served in South African Constabulary. His brothers were given as Henry John Beach, Daniel, Sidney and sister Mary. He did not know the address of any of them. This is certainly the right man. The older members are seen in 1881 census

1909 Oct 30. Discharged at his own request at payment of £18 (of which £9 was later refunded to him)

1911 census not in it, so he must have been abroad, presumably in Shanghai

1914 Oct 16 . Leaves Shanghai with 110 others to return to UK to enlist. He was working for Shanghai Municipal Police. Not listed as Police Contingent on arrival in London; not reinstated in Shanghai police after war service. Services terminated in Shanghai Police. The Shanghai contingent had a number of men that later joined the ADRIC WF Martinson , HJ Beach, H S Robertson, EW Trotman

1914 Dec 15. Arrives in London on SS Suwa Maru from Shanghai, part of a group of young men who comprised the "Shanghai contingent " in the manifest. There is a book about them. They appear to be recruits for the British Army, and they marched as a column to the Central Recruiting Office in London when they arrived, and most of them joined one of two regiments: the 10th Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment, or King Edwards Horse. 

1914 Dec 29 Enlisted

1915 Sep 3. Royal Fusiliers. The undermentioned to be temporary Second Lieutenants: — Herbert James Beach.

1916 Oct 2. married in London to Margaret T Dark

1916 Oct 23. MC Gazetted. Temp. 2nd Lt. Herbert James Beach, R. Fus. For conspicuous gallantry during operations. He brought up rations under heavy shell-fire. Though suffering from shell-shock he brought up rations again on the next day, and, though wounded and blown off his horse, stuck to his duty till he had delivered the rations.

1917 Jul 1. The undermentioned temp. 2nd Lts. to be temp. Lts.: — . H. J. Beach, M.C.

1918 Jan 1. Special Appointments. (Graded for purposes of pay as Staff Lts., 2nd Cl., whilst empld. in a Record Office): — Lt. H. J. Beach, M.C., R. Fus., and to be transfd. to Gen. List.

1918 Dec 31. Bankruptcy receiving order. Herbert James Beach, Charman, Westerham, Kent officer in H.M Army.

1919 Mar 5. The undermentioned temp. Lts. relinquish . their commns. and retain the rank of Lt.: — H. J. Beach, M.C., on ceasing to be empld.

1920 Nov 15. Joined ADRIC with service no 1048 Posted to I Coy as Intelligence Officer. His wife was at Red House, Dowlee, Orpington, Kent

1921 May 20 On raids in Dublin

1921 May 21. Raids in Dublin

1921 May 24 Raids with R Coy

1921 May 28 Posted to R Coy. Reverts to T/Cadet.

1921 May 29 Involved in questioning of J Murphy , Beach gives evidence as DI3 in I Coy

1921 May 30 Raids with R Coy

Fined £2 by Commandant

1921 Aug 13 to 22 Aug on Leave

1921 Oct 11. Permitted to resign on disciplinary grounds

1922 Apr 22. Married

1922 Jul 25 Deserted his wife

1927 Oct 26 Scotland Yard calls at the War Office

1932/36 Electoral roll - living in London with "Bridget Jane Beach"

1936/39 Electoral Roll. Living in London with "Ethel Jane Beach"

1939 Register. He is an Ice Cream Depot Manager. Living with Ethel J Beach (she later remaried as Eden) at 10 Winston Road , Stoke Newington. He does not appear to have actually married the lady in England or Ireland

1940 Jul 5. The undermentioned relinquish their rank on enlistment into the ranks of the Army: — Lt. H. J. Beach, M.C. (late Gen. List).

1955 Oct/Dec. Died in London aged 75.