Capt. Arthur Charles Bennett, Liverpool Regt

IRA photo of F Coy identifies Bennett

1885 Feb 17 Born Bradford on Avon, Wilts (RIC)

1891 census at Bradford on Avon

1901 census at Bradford on Avon

Enlisted between 1901 and 1908

1908 Apr 11 married Mary Ann Bamford - could be him. Correct father and correct wife initials. He is a L/c in 2nd Kings Regt. Address at Barracks , Gosforth. Age 23, His father was Henry, a Market Gardener.

Name Arthur Charles Bennett
Father's Name Henry Bennett
Spouse's Name Mary Ann Bamford
Spouse's Sex Female
Spouse's Father's Name Joseph Bamford
Marriage Date 11 Apr 1908
Marriage Place Kingswood, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom

He was with 2nd Kings Liverpool. August 1914 : in Peshawar in India. 1st (Peshawar) Division of Indian Army. Remained in India throughout the war. Moved to 10th Brigade in 4th (Quetta) Division December 1917.

He then moved to 6th Royal Lancaster who went to Egypt in January 1916 and thence to Mesopotamia.

1916 Oct 30 Landed Mesopotamia

1917 Jan 5. Commissioned

1920 Sep 7 Arrives in Canada . His intention is to settle, and his wife is Mrs M A Bennett of 32 Suffolk Parade, Cheltenham (as on MIC)

1920 Dec 1 Arrives back in UK from Canada. His profession is "soldier" of 32 Suffolk Parade, Cheltenham

1920 Jul - Dec he was in Canada (from 1929 shipping record)

1920 Dec 29. Joined ADRIC with service number 1396. (from Liverpool Regt) Posted to F Coy. The entry says he was married

1921 Sep 5 to 26 Nov. Posted to Depot, then back to F

1922 Jan 20 . Discharged at demobilisation of ADRIC

1929 Jul 5. Arthur Bennett of 32 Suffolk Parade, Cheltenham (same as on MIC) (his Next of Kin is Mrs M A Bennett) who is retired leaves UK for Canada, he is unsure if he wants to settle in Canada. His former profession was Army Officer. I cannot find a death for him in UK so I assume he settled in Canada or somewhere else abroad

1939 Sep 19 This seemed to be him, as his wife was M A in shipping records above. But in fact this Arthur Charles Bennett was born 2 Aug 1914, mother Daniels