Hugh Joseph Beresford/Hugh Sowden Hastings

It is difficult to establish who he really was. His marriage was in both the names Hugh Sowden Hastings and Hugh Joseph Beresford. Without buying the birth and marriage certs, I can but speculate that he was born illegitimate Hugh Sowden Hastings in Hastings and ended up in the Catholic Orphanage in Horsham where they added the "Joseph" and changed the surname. It is certainly the same man.

1899 Feb 17 Born Sussex according to his RIC record, but if he were an orphan it would tie with the orphanage being in Sussex. However the birth record (working back from his marriage) shows him as Hugh Sowden Hastings and born first quarter of 1899 in Hastings, Sussex

1901 census the only Hugh Beresford is this "visitor" at 32, Adair Road W, Kensington. I suspect he was the illegitimate son of one of the 2 Gray daughters.

1911 census at The Priory Catholic School St Mary's R C School And Orphanage at Horsham, Sussex, It has him as born Streatham, London and aged 13.

1915 Nov 17 Landed in France.

1918 Sep 11. The undermentioned, from Officer Cadet Units, to be 2nd Lts.Midd'x R.— Hugh Joseph Beresford.

1920 Sep 7. Joined ADRIC with service no.490. Posted to K Coy.

1920 Dec 11. His movements on the night of the Burning of Cork, as given to Strickland Inquiry

1921 Mar 19. Posted to F Coy

1921 Mar 26 Resigned

1921 Oct 29 Rejoined with service no 2142. Posted to P Coy

1921 Dec 19. Relinquishes his commission. 10th Bn Middlesex Regt. 2nd Lt. H. J. Beresford.

1922 Jan 25 Discharged at termination of contract

1934 Jun Married in London to Rose Elizabeth Clarke (the marriage shows him as both Hugh J Beresford and Hugh S Hastings) The birth cert of Rose gives her birth date 2 Jan 1909 which is the same as given on her ( Rose Elizabeth Beresford ) death cert index.

1934-1937 living at 57 Warwick Avenue, Paddington.

1940 Jun 7. Wilts. R. The undermentioned to be 2nd Lts.: — 2nd Lt. Hugh Joseph BERESFORD (120383).

1941 Mar 5. RAOC. The undermentioned War Subs. Lt. to be War Subs. Lt. (Admin. Branch), retaining his present seniority: H. J. Beresford (120383), from Wilts R.

1944 Sep 7. RASC - E.F.I. - Lt. H. J. Beresford (120383) from R.A.O.C., to be War Subs. Lt. without pay and allces. from Army Funds, retaining his present seniority. This is Expeditionary Force Institute, and is effectively NAAFI. When NAAFI  sent men and women overseas  they  needed to be in uniform  so they would get the protection of the  Geneva convention. Hence he was a RASC Lieutenant, but did not get paid from Army funds

1946 Sep 6 . RASC. E.F.1. The undermentioned War Subs. Lts. relinquish their Commns. H. J. BERESFORD (120383) and is granted the hon. rank of Capt.

1977 Apr/Jun Died Sussex. His wife Rose and Hugh died in the same quarter of the same year