Adrian Thomas Bing, Middlesex Regt

1890 Jul 22. Born Tonbridge, Kent

1891 census at Highfield cottages, Tonbridge.

1901 census at 22 Highland Rd, Wallington, Surrey

1911 census at Manor Farm, Frimley, Surrey

1915 Jan/Mar Married May Cox

1915 Mar 13. Landed in France

1917 Sep 26. Commissioned from Officer Cadet Unit. Middlesex Regt. Adrian Thomas Bing.

1919 Apr 1. 6th Midd'x 5. 2nd Lt. A. T. Bing. is placed on the ret. list on account of ill-health contracted on active service.

1920 Nov 11 Joined ADRIC with service no 955. Posted to H Coy

1921 Mar 12. Gave evidence at the death of T/Cadet Falkiner . He was a Section Leader, and gave admin evidence on Falkiner's personal details

1921 Apr 15. Was playing golf when Major J A MacKinnon Commanding officer of H coy in Tralee was shot while off duty and playing golf in Tralee with DI.3 R W H Ballantine (ADRIC no 935). The IRA knew that he played golf here regularly, and had kept watch on the golf course for about 2 weeks before their chance came. The hit squad was a sniper with a rifle, James Cornelius Healy a veteran of WW1, and three men with shotguns, Johnny Riordan, Tommy Barrett and Jack Mason. Healy hid in a tree overlooking the third green and waited till Mackinnon was perfectly still as he shaped to hit the ball. Healy shot MacKinnon twice in the head. The others opened up with shotguns, and all the IRA men were able to escape in the resulting confusion. The Auxiliaries went on a spree of arson and killing, which in turn led to IRA killings. Bing gave evidence at the inquest and appears to have been the adjutant

1921 Apr 22. And again at D O'Loughlin Inquest


1921 Apr 26. Resignation accepted from ADRIC. This is 10 days after MacKinnon's murder, and is presumably as a result of what happened that day. He was a Section Leader when he resigned

1939 Register. He is a Private Secretary & ex-officer in Middlesex Regt, living with wife May E at 12 Bulstrode Road , Heston and Isleworth

1941 Sep 11. Died Brentford age 51. He was living at 12 Bulstrode Rd, Hounslow