Loren Charles Bishop, Dorset Regt

1894 Apr 20. Born Southampton

1901 census at 20 Bridge St, Southampton

1911 census at 60 Woodbridge Rd, Guildford

1913 Nov 10. He arrives in Quebec from UK. He is a Bank Clerk and intends to be an Estate Agent

1914 Dec 22. Returns to UK from Canada Occupation "none"

1915 Jan 26 . The undermentioned to be temporary Second Lieutenants. Charles Loren Bishop.

1915 Dec 1. Disembarked at Alexandria

1917 Mar 23. R. Ir. Fus. Temp. 2nd Lt. C. L. Bishop relinquishes his commission on account of ill-health, and is granted the hon. rank of 2nd Lt.

1917 Jul 1. The undermentioned, temp. 2nd Lts. to be temp. Lts. :R. Ir. Fus. (attd.). C. L. Bishop, but without pay and allowances prior to 4 Oct. 1917.

1918 Jan 8 Engagement announced.

1919 Jan 25. Labour Corps. The undermentioned temp. Lts: relinquish their commissions on completion of service from the dates specified, and retain the rank of Lt. : — L. C. Bishop.

1919 Oct/Dec Married in South Stoneham, Hants to Grace Gladys Archibald

1921 Jan 10. Joins ADRIC with service no 1472. Posted to K Coy.

1921 Mar 13 Posted O Coy

1921 Apr 1 Accidently shot and wounded

1921 Apr 2. Posted F Coy

1921 Apr 30. Admitted to Stevens Hospital

1921 May 5. Discharged from Hospital

1921 Jun 7. Resignation accepted on compassionate grounds

1922 May 3. Leaves UK for Australia. He is an ex-officer of Highfield Rd, Southampton. His name is crossed out on the manifest.

1925 to 1949 he appears on Australian Electoral rolls as Secretary or Accountant. Married to Beatrice at some point

1927 Married in Perth, probably bigamously to Beatrice ?

1933 Oct 12. Arrives in UK from Freemantle W.Aus. He is an accountant living in Australia, and gives a UK address of Birchleigh, Highfield, Southampton

1934 Divorce Court File: 2417. Appellant: Grace Gladys Bishop. Respondent: Charles Loren Bishop. Type: Wife's petition for divorce

1937 Feb 1. Sails from UK to Brisbane Australia. He is an Accountant. Albion Terrace Southampton, but living in Australia

1940 Joined Australian Army . Service no N65995. He took 7 years off his age.

1949 retires

1954 Sep 16 Bankruptcy examination in Sydney Australia

1956 Oct 10. Dies at Durham Lodge, Bennett Street, Bondi, Sydney, NSW