2nd Lt. Alan McLoughlin Blain RAF

with his small son circ 1926

1896 Apr 21. Born Leeds, Yorkshire

1901 census at Headingley Cum Burley, Yorkshire, England

1911 census at 28, Davis Avenue, Leeds, Yorkshire

1914 Aug 22, Enlists as Private in KRRC. Parents William and Fanny Blain of The Lilacs, Roundhay, Leeds. He was a clerk

1915 Oct 28 Rheumatic Fever made walking difficult

1916 Jan 1. Discharged by the army "no longer physically fit for war service"

1916 Mar 2. Enlisted in territorial's

1917 Jun 8. Called up for service

1917 Jul 3. Transfers to RAF

1917 Oct 25. The undermentioned Cadets to be temp. 2nd Lts. (on prob.) : Alan McLoughlin Blain

1918 Apr 1. 2nd Lt in RAF

1918 Oct 31. The undermentioned 2nd Lts. (late Gen. List, R.F.C., on prob.) are confirmed in their rank as 2nd Lts. (Observer Officers) : A. McL. Blain.

1919 Jan Became an articled accountant with Holliday, Greek St, Leeds

1919 Apr 3. Transferred to unemployed list

1920 Nov 1 Joined ADRIC with service no 923. Posted to N Coy

Fined £1 by Company Commander, later a further 10/-

1922 Jan 16. Discharged at demobilisation of ADRIC. Father at 27 Windsor Rd, Torquay written on Register.

1925 Jan/Mar Married Gladys A Frost in Bradford, Yorkshire

1927 Dec 22. RAF. 2nd. Lt A McL Blain is deprived of permission to retain rank on conviction by the Civil Power. WO 339/113918. He served 6 months in gaol for embezzlement

1939 Register at 212 Eden Park Avenue , Beckenham M.B., Kent, a transport superintendant living with Gladys his wife

1964 Jun Died at Stamford, Lincs

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