2nd Lt Alfred Thomas Blake (DFC and bar, AFC, MM, C de G (Belg) - claimed but false)

Photo during his trail in 1925 in Canada

1898 His parents Lilly Collins and Thomas Blake married

1899 Feb 21 Born Portsea Island, Hampshire. He later claimed that his father was killed in Boer War. His mother was born 9 July 1875 Umballa, Bengal, India as he claimed. I could not find a marriage

1901 census at 98, West Street, Portsmouth, Town

1906 to 1912 A student at St Johns College, Portsmouth

1911 census at 2 St George's Road Eastney Portsmouth

1912 to 1914 Student at Portsmouth Municipal College

He serves first in RFA as an Other Rank no. 86671(or 7). There is no MIC, so the assumption must be that he did not serve abroad with RFA

1917 Dec 6. Passes "fit as a pilot" and posted to 1 OCW. His mother is his next of kin - Mrs L Ayres, 9 Middlesex Rd, Milton, Portsmouth. His RAF Record

1918 Feb 1. Posted to 1 S of A (School of Aviation)

1918 Apr 27 Posted to Arm. School

1918 May 25 Posted to Montrose

1919 Jan 25 Posted to 2 TS

1919 Jan 4 . Passed "Fit General Service with Flying". And granted an "hon commission as a 2nd Lt" , that is a commission on discharge

1919 Apr 1. posted to Ripon Disposal Centre.

1919 May 1. Transferred to Class "E" RAF Reserve

1921 Jan 3. Joined ADRIC with service no 1409. He claimed on entry a string of medals that he does not seem to be entitled to. Posted to Depot Coy

1921 Jan 14 Promoted Section Leader

1921 Jan 21 Suspended pending Court Martial.

1921 Jun 6. Struck off strength of ADRIC following conviction by Court Martial. "Harry Hawkins" in ADRIC as T/Constable . The prison record suggests Hawkins, but has him as a Sgt in ADRIC, but not as a T/Cadet which Blake is listed as. The Field General court martial sentenced him to penal servitude for a penal offence. He was sentenced to 5 years for looting, and was released after 3 months

1922 Sep 19. Deprived of his Hon Commission as a 2nd Lt because of his sentence

1923 Fined in London for obtaining 5 guineas by false pretences

1923 Mar 23 Leaves UK for Canada on SS Pittsburgh. The Officers Association have paid his fare and he intends to settle as a farmer.

1925 Feb 20. Fox farming in Canada. The story about Col Arthur G Blake is complete fiction

1925 Sep 15. Sentenced to 2 years in jail in Winnipeg in Canada for obtaining money by false pretences. He was a medical student when arrested. He escaped from prison but was re-arrested

1925 Oct 6 Escaped from Winnipeg Jail

1925 Nov He was recaptured

1927 Sep Released from jail and deported

1929 Nov 21. Sentenced to 3 years jail for blackmail

1941 Jun. Applies to RAFVR from 256 Westmount Rd, Elcham, London SE 19

1949 Banned from entering Canada

1971 Apr/Jun Died Greenwich, London.aged 72