The IRA had gathered intelligence on him "He was R Blunt the info they had on him his number was 2730907 RASA E class an address at Lake Down, Middle Woods Ford, Salisbury. "

1. If he were "Blunt", the only one on RIC Register is "Arthur G Blunt b5 Jul 1898 Gloucs" not "R Blunt". One can find this Arthur Blunt in the censuses

1901 11, Counsel Street, Gloucester

1911 at 15 Twyver Street Gloucester

1968 Dies Gloucester

He has nothing to do with Salisbury

2. Let us look at "Lake Down, Middle Woods Ford, Salisbury."

Middle Woodford is certainly a village near Salisbury. There is no Blunt or Blount or anything phonetically close living there in 1911 census

But "Lake Down is not in "Middle Woodford" There is one about 3 miles away in "Wilsford" (without any Middle to it). But nothing like his name exists there in 1911 census

3. 1911 census David Henry Blunt, b1892 at Sheerness, Kent at Bulford Hut Barracks, Driver 37th Battery R F A but he was KIA in WW1

4. No "R Blunt" with MIC in RASC

5. As the info the IRA had includes a service number, I have to assume that the man under question was not an officer (officers did not have numbers at that time). So to that extent he could not have been ADRIC unless he was a driver, and I cannot find a driver in ADRIC with that name. Nor is there any "Blunt" or similar as an officer in ADRIC in A Coy


The most likely explanation is that

a. He was a Private or NCO in RASC

b. He was in the army and acting as a driver

c. He lived in that area of Wiltshire, for the address to be findable on maps above

d. That his name was not "Blunt". I cannot work out what it might have been