Lt Ernest Baron Bolam


1886 Jun 26. Born Catford, Ernest Baron Bolam

1891 Living at 14 Crescent Rd, Newport, Wales with his family

Attended Ealing Grammar School, London

1901 census living at 23 Wesley Av, Plymouth.

1901 Jun Enlists in Royal Garrison Artillery in Plymouth. He 15 years old. His service record is available and the next of kin are correct

1905 Dec 15. Appointed a driver in RHA

1910 Oct 10. Transferred to the Reserves.

1911 census living with his father at 29 Chestnut Avenue, Headingley, Leeds.

1913 Jun 24. Discharged after his 12 years service. He appears to have gone to Canada

1914 Dec 23. Enlists. Address is 15 Berkley St, Liverpool

1915 Feb 8. Appointed L/Cpl with 5th KLR

1915 Mar 4. Promoted Cpl.with 5th KLR

1915 Mar 5. Promoted Sgt with 3/5th KLR

1915 Dec 8. Recommended for a commission, but the selectors were not impress by him, and he failed to get a commission

1916 Apr 29. Up on a charge of "neglect of duty" at Canterbury. Reprimanded

1917 May 5. Sent to Cadet School. He failed at least once to be commissioned "too slow and lacking in initiative"

1917 Nov 25 But finally succeeded. Commissioned 2nd Lt in Labour Corps. His address is given as "Wood Lea, Dinas Powas, Cardiff"

1918 Jan 31. Posted to Chinese Labour HQ. Joined 146 coy

1918 Jun 18 Admitted to hospital - PUO. PUO : Pyrexia of Unknown Origin (medical term usually applied to Trench Fever)

1918 Jul 18. Returns to duty from hospital

1918 Aug 25 to UK on leave until 19 Sep 918

1919 Apr 8 To UK on leave until 22 Apr

1919 May 26. Labour Corps The undermentioned temp. 2nd Lts. to be temp. Lts. : E. B. Bolam. His medical grading meant that he was destined for a Garrison or Labour Battalion

1918 Aug 5. To be acting Captain

1919 Oct 8. Returned from leave in Paris

1919 Nov 18. The undermentioned relinquish the actg. rank of Capt. on ceasing to comd. Chinese Lab. Cos.: — Temp. Lt. E. B. Bolam.

1919 Dec 11. Relinquishes his commission and retains the rank of Lt.

1921 Jan 21. Joined the ADRIC with service numbers, RIC no 81837, ADRIC no 1579. Posted to O Coy

1921 Mar 5. Posted to P Coy in Sligo

1921 Apr 23 Bolam and Bales had travelled to Belfast on escort duty. They were ambushed in Belfast at 9pm at the junction of Donegal Place and Fountain Lane. Bolam died at the scene and Bales in hospital the next day.

1921 May 9. His brother gets threats from IRA. It is difficult to know whether this was part of an ongoing vendetta against Bolam or whether it was opportunistic.