Charles Alexander Bonar M.M

1895 Mar 30 Born Cardiff, Wales

1901 census at 176, Arabella Street, Roath, Cardiff

1911 census at 40 Claude Road. Cardiff

1915 Aug 17. Landed in France

1915 Aug History of the Welsh Guards records "Snipers, of whom there were thirty, came under J. J. P. Evans, more commonly known as Jimjack. There were some good men among these snipers — Sergt. Bowles, then a corporal, had wonderful eyesight, and did extraordinarily good work later on ; and Parker, an ex-gamekeeper, was an excellent man, as were Sergt. Bonar and Pte. Tanner.

1915 Dec

Jimjack Evans sent out a patrol of his snipers (Sergt. Bonar and two men) to cut German wire. A patrol also went out from No. 4 Company, knowing nothing about the Evans party, but when information of it was given him, Rupert Lewis and Broadwood, a Scots Guards machine-gun officer, went out to get the No. 4 patrol back. When they got near the German wire they saw what they supposed was four men coming towards them and began to move " home." The strange patrol followed, and Lewis and Broadwood began to run — so did the patrol. The sentries challenged and both pursued and pursuers replied. It was then discovered that Rupert had been chased back by his own men. A raid was arranged eventually (December 27th), and Jimjack Evans, with Sergt. Gibbs, Sergt. Bonar, Cpl. Bartlett and Pte. Tanner, started to cut a way through the German wire. When they got up to the last strands, however, a sentry sent up a flare and they were seen. Bullets and bombs began to whistle through the air, and they had to go back. No further raid was possible that night.

1916 Jun 2. MM Gazetted - 761 L./Sjt. C. A. Bonar, Ist Bn., W. Gds.

1916 Jul 9. Major-Gen. Feilding paid a visit to the battalion, and, after congratulating them on the work done, gave ribbons in default of medals to Sergt. Mathias for the D.C.M. (this was for bringing men in under heavy fire some days previous to the attack on Mortaldje), and told him he would get a bar for the attack, and to Sergts. Bonar and Humphreys, I./Cpls. Harris and Thomas, Ptes. West and W. Jones for the Military Medal... there was to be a parade in Paris on the 14th, and these men left with others to attend with the Guards Divisional Contingent, so they all got a few days' holiday and amusement. The party consisted of : Lieut, and Adjt. J. A. D. Perrins, A/Sergt.-Major W. Bland, No. 29 Sergt. Humphreys, 557 L/Cpl. Bale, 1,245 L/Cpl. Trott, 758 Pte.West, 1,043 Pte. Ulyatt, 21 Sergt. Owen, 761 Sergt. Bonar, 196 Cpl. Churm, 861 Pte. Barker, 1,507 Pte. Walters, 59 Sergt. Hammonds, 229 Cpl. Thomas, 95 Pte. Buck, 278 Pte. Willams, 492 L/Cpl. Harris, 114 Sergt. Mathias, 613 L/Cpl. James, 798 L/Cpl. Thomas, 1,189 Pte. Jones.

1917 Dec 18. The undermentioned cadets to be temp. 2nd Lts. (attd.). Gloucs Regt. Charles Alexander Bonar.

1918 Aug 27. RFC The undermentioned are granted temp, commns. as 2nd Lts. (Observer Officers): C. A. Bonar (temp. 2nd Lt., attached Glouc. R.).

1919 May 17. Relinquishes his commission on ceasing to be employed. 2nd Lt. C. A. .Bonar.

1919 Oct 16 Married in Cardiff to Jessie D Hemus

1920 Sep 7. Joined ADRIC with service no. 489

1921 Jan 24. FGCM against CA Bonar and J M'Donald

1921 Jan 28. Permitted to resign from ADRIC

1939 Living in 68 Jeddo Road , Acton M.B., Middlesex with wife Jessie D Bonar. He is a hospital storekeeper

1979 Aug 29 Died at Epsom , Surrey