Lt Eric Booth

There is not much information here with no regiment, but the age rules out both on WO338 (Eric in MGC) . I looked at Eric Walter Booth (who only gets to 2nd Lt)(its not his service record shows dob is years out) or Eric Booth in RAF who was born 05 October 1891and this is not him from dob. This leaves me with the above

1899 Apr 29 Born Cheshire (RIC)

1901 census at Hazlegrove, Cheshire

1911 census living at Crescent Park Heaton Norris Stockport

1915 Nov 14 Lands in France

1916 Aug 5 Commissioned in MGC

1921 Feb 16, Joined ADRIC with Service no 1743

1921 Feb 23 Posted to E Coy

1921 Oct 28 to 10 Nov on Leave

1921 Dec 30 to 14 Jan 1922 on Leave

1922 Jan 18 Demobilised at ending of ADRIC

1939 Register A wages clerk at Redroof Dale Road , Esher U.D., Surrey working at A O Depot Weybridge. Living with mother Bertha W C Booth. He is single

1947 His mother died

1956 Apr/Jun Died SW Surrey