Charles Victor John Borton, Norfolk Regt & RAF

1895 Apr 21. born Farnham, Surrey. Son of Col. Charles Edward Borton and Amy Louisa Lewin. His father was an officer in the Norfolk Reg.

1901 census I cannot find him. Presumably his father was serving abroad

1911 census at Wellington College Public School, Crowthorne, Berks. This is a public school used a lot by the sons of officers. He was there 1908 to 1911 according to his RAF record. His father is retired and the family are living in Maitlands , Colchester, Essex,

1914 Dec 23. The undermentioned Gentlemen Cadets from the Royal Military College to be Second Lieutenants. Norfolk Regt. Charles Victor John Borton

1915 May 20 Lands in France

1916 Jun 19. RFC Appoints 2nd Lt C V J Borton , Norfolk Regt and to be seconded

A record of his plane being 5235 a FE 2b of 23 Squadron

1916 Jul 19 Wounded in France

1917 Feb 1. Norf. R.—The promotion to the rank of Lt. of the undermentioned 2nd Lts. C. V. J. Borton.

1918 Jun 20. The undermentioned relinquish their commns. on ceasing to be empld.: — Lt. C. V. J. Borton (Lt., Norfolk R.). In other words he leaves the RAF and returns to Norfolk Regt

1918 Sep 21Married in Woodbridge, Suffolk to Ethel Winifred Norah Norton

1920 Aug 25. Norf. R.—Lt. C. V. J. Borton resigns his commn.

1920 Oct 28. Joined ADRIC with service no. 893. Posted to J Coy

1921 Feb 15 "Service dispensed with"

1927 Fined 20 shillings for an assault charge on a Fishe who had been a partner in a motor business with Borton

1930 Dec 23. Bankruptcy Receiving Order against Charles Victor John Borton, 20 Caterham Road, Lewisham, London, lately residing at 20 Laleham Road, Lee, London, of independent means.

1939 Register at 30 Winchcombe Street , Cheltenham M.B., Gloucestershire. He is "of private means". With wife Ethel.

1941 Nov 12. R. Norfolk R. Lt. C. V. J. Borton (108380), "ceases to belong to the Res. of Off. "

1966 Apr/Jun Died Cheltenham aged 71