Pilot Officer John Bothwell

1902 Jan 30 Born (RAF record) .There is an Armagh birth of John Bothwell registered Jan/Mar 1902 in Armagh. I assume he lied about his age to enlist

1902 Oct 28 Leaves for South Africa with his family. Given the later events, this is probably him.

1907 May 11 Arrives UK from South Africa With mother and siblings

1912 Jan 20 Arrives UK from S Africa. With mother and siblings, they live in Rhodesia

1918 Oct 9 Enlisted in RAF. His next of kin is his father at Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia. And a note says that he came from South Africa to enlist.

1918 Sep 26 Passed fit as Pilot or Observer. Certainly the right man as ADRIC address is given at top of his record.

1919 Feb 15 2nd Lt on probation. The following Overseas Cadets are granted temporary commissions as 2nd Lts - J Bothwell

1919 May 23 Relinquishes his commission

1921 Feb 2. Joined ADRIC with service no 1620 Posted to C Coy Joined in Ireland

1921 Mar 4. Admitted Hardwick Fever Hospital

1921 Apr 29. Discharged Hospital

1922 Jan 14 Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1929 Aug 26. Moves from Canada to USA. His birth is given as Dundrum, Ireland so it is the right man.

1930 USA Census living at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is an Elevator Operator in an apartment building

1938 Feb 25 He is a registered voter in Salisbury, Rhodesia

1938 Oct 30 Signs his father's death cert in Salisbury , Rhodesia

1939 May married in Salisbury to Dorothy Dallas Joseph

1956 Sep 22 Died in Rhodesia


2002 Aug 9 His wife died in Jo'burg