Albert Brock

1885 Oct 11. Born Limerick son of John and Anne Brock

1901 census living with his parents at South Circular Road. Limerick. His father, a retired quartermaster in Royal Artillery, born in England, has married a Catholic girl (presumably while in the army, as she was born in Gibraltar) and the children have been brought up Catholic.

1911 census is working as a Grocery Assistant and living as a boarder at Carlisle St,

1914 Dec 28. The undermentioned to be temp. 2nd Lts. Albert Brock. Assuming that this is indeed him, then he has been commissioned very quickly after enlisting. Both 1st and 2nd battalion RMF suffered heavy casualties early in the war, so early promotion could be accounted for if I could establish where he was serving

1915 Jul 6. Medical Board, he is suffering from syphilis

1915 Sep 12. Royal Mun Fus - Temp Sec Lt A Brock relinquishes his commission on account of ill health. His file in Kew indicated that he was 6th Battalion.

He has been in Royal Munster Fusiliers previously. Joins RAF with next of kin his brother F A Brock of 26 Cabra Rd, Dublin (same address as on his MIC). He has lied about his age giving date of birth as 12 Oct 1890. His RAF Service Record

1916 Nov 11. Applies to resume his commission and is sent for medical

1917 Jul 30. "No 1 Auxiliary School of Aerial Gunnery" (Hythe)

1917 Sep 7. V H W D

1918 Mar 31 , with seniority from 12th Jan. 1918: Temp. 2nd Lt. A. Brock, attached R.. Munster Fusiliers, and to be R.F.C. Gen. List. To Expeditionary Force on appointment Flying Officer (Observer). 58 Squadron Western Front. From Feb to Sept 1918 it flew F.E.2b's

1918 Aug 13. From 58 Squadron to Home Establishment. In the UK the RFC Home Establishment was responsible for training air and ground crews and preparing squadrons to deploy to France, and providing squadrons for home defence.

1918 Aug 31. At No 1 Auxiliary School of Aerial Gunnery. Proficiency in Aerial Gunnery, "No 1 Auxiliary School of Aerial Gunnery" (Hythe)

1918 Nov 9. From No 1 Auxiliary School of Aerial Gunnery to Armoury School Ealey?

1919 Jan 4. From Armoury School Ealey? to No 58 Training Depot Station. 59th 12 (Training) Group Midland Cranwell

1919 May 8. 59th Wing attached. No 59 TDS 59th 12 (Training) Group Midland Scopwick

1919 May 26. 59th Wing to Room 3G Air Ministry

1919 May 27. Midland Area to Head Quarters (RAF) Cologne, Taken on Strength for disposal

1919 Jul 13. No.11 Squadron to the Army of the Rhine. Lieutenant. Flying Officer (Observer). No. 11 Squadron flying Bristol Fighters at this time

1919 Jul 15. UK to No.11 Squadron

1919 Sep 2. RAF Army of the Rhine (11 Squadron) to Midland Area for disposal

1919 Nov 20. Scopwick to ‘Dispersed’

21 Nov 1919 Lieutenant transferred to Unpaid List.

Aircraft flown during his time in RAF: AW (Armstrong Whitworth FK3), RE7 (Royal Aircraft Factory RE7), Vickers (probably Vickers FB5 or FB9) and FE2b (Royal Aircraft Factory FE2b). AW FK 8s were used at Hythe with the No 1 (Auxiliary) School of Aerial Gunnery. RE7s were employed there as target tugs for the School of Aerial Musketry. Hythe also used Vickers FB5s (but not FB9s) with The Machine Gun School. FE2Bs were also used at Hythe also in support of The Machine Gun School. There were a number of training establishments at Hythe using a common pool of pilots.

1921 Mar 2. Joins P Company ADRIC in Sligo. Temporary cadet Auxiliary Division of the RIC with ADRIC no 1795

Fined 10/- by Coy Commander

1921 Sep 8. Promoted Section Leader

1922 Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Mar 28. Joined British Gendarmerie in Palestine Police as a constable.

1922 Apr 29 His ship arrived in Jaffa

1922 May 3. Memorial marker. died of acute peritonitis - beside Ben Gurion airport in Israel he was buried at 8am the following morning. By 4th May Albert Brock should have been on base near Lyda (Ludd)

He was actually burial at sea on the City Of Oxford steamer took place on 10/3/1922 , ship arrived jaffa 29 april 1922 , by 4th may albert would have been on base near Lyyda (Ludd) info given kindly by palestine police old comrades ass.

Gravestone in Glasnevin reads "Albert Brock born 11 October 1885 Limerick Ireland . died 4 May 1922 Ludd Palestine

The two versions of his death are either at sea or immediately on landing in Palestine

His grave at Ramleh, Palestine

Palestine Police