Arthur William Bromham, Indian Army, Afghan Frontier Medal

1887 Jan 25 Born Calne, Wilts

1891 census at Castle Street, Calne Within, Calne

1901 census at Castle Street, Calne Within

1904 Aug 8 Attests into KO Yorks L I. Discharged 11 days later as he made a "misstatement about his age"

1911 census at Muttra as a Private in 1st Royal Dragoons,

1912 Nov 25 married a Miss Smith at Roberts Heights, South Africa. Registered Army marriage

1914 Oct 5. A son, Albert Arthur, born to him and Edith Ellen in UK. He is a Decorator

1916 Apr 23 a child born to him & Edith Ellen

1916 May Landed in France

1917 Sep 26. The undermentioned Cadets to be temp. 2nd Lts., for service with Ind. Army Res. of Off. (on prob.): —Arthur William Bromham

1918 Feb 9. The KING has approved the admission of the following officers to the Indian Army Reserve of Officers on completion of their periods of probation: — CAV. BRANCH. To be 2nd Lieuts. Arthur William Bromham. 9th Feb. 1918, but to rank from 31st Oct. 1917.

1918 He had 8 children by Violet Ellerby between 1918 - 1930 . I assume he left Edith Ellen around this time. Meanwhile Edith Ellen started producing children with Charles Venning Yea from 1918

1920 Nov 3. Joined ADRIC with service no 964. Posted G Coy

Fined £2 by Coy Commander

1921 May 31. Dismissed the Force

1922 May 1. The KING has approved the resignation of the following officers, with effect from the dates specified and the grant of rank as shown below: — INDIAN ARMY RESERVE OF OFFICERS. Lieutenants, and are permitted to retain the rank of Lieutenant. A W Bromham

1922 Wife in trouble with the law

1931-1936 on London electoral registers. Living with Violet Ellinor

1939 Register He is a Builders General Foreman. Living at 39 Bailey Road , Southend-on-Sea C.B., Essex with "wife" Violet E Bromham. Meanwhile his original wife Edith Ellen marries Charles Venning Vea - they have been living together over 10 years

1940 Jun 10. AUXILIARY MILITARY PIONEER CORPS. The undermentioned to be Lts.: — Lt. Arthur William BROMHAM (122574)

1958 Married Southend on Sea, Essex, England to married Violet Ellerby. He had 8 children by Violet Ellerby in 1918 - 1930 . So they would appear not to have married earlier. The reason was usually that one of the pair was already married, and divorce was too difficult or too expensive

1962 Jul/Sep. Died Southend on Sea, Essex