Lt Arthur Broomfield

Broomfield is believed to be man on right of the photo, though he was not in B Coy

1895 Jan 26. Born Ringwood, Hampshire

1901 census at : Winterborne Steepleton, Dorset

1911 census at Ludwell, Salisbury, Wilts

1916 Feb Lands on France

1917 May 30. To be 2nd Lts. (attd.). W. York. R.— Arthur Broomfield.

1919 Jun 24. Marries Rose Lillian Dorothea Bealing

1919 Nov 3. Empld. under Directorate of Graves Registration, & Enquiries (Cl. II.).—Temp. Lt. A. Broomfield, Serv. Bn., W. York. R., until 19th Dec. 1919.

1920 Apr 7. W. York. R. Temp. Lt. A. Broomfield relinquishes his commission on completion of service, and retains the rank of Lt

1920 Aug 13. Joined ADRIC with service no. 197 Posted to B Coy

1921 Jan 9 Posted N Coy

1921 Apr 15. to 12 May 1921 Placed in suspension.

1921 Jul 9 posted to Depot

1921 Jul 15 Struck off strength as a deserter but cancelled and reinstated in ADRIC.

1921 Sep 17 And posted to A Coy

1921 Sep 24 Posted to Depot

1921 Nov 12 Posted to N Coy

1922 Feb 4. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1939 Register He is a Motor Mechanic living at 30 Salisbury Street , Shaftesbury M.B., Dorset, with wife Lilian RD

1944 Jun 24. Silver Wedding

1954 Electoral Roll in Kensington with wife Rose LD & he is Arthur I

1986 Apr. Died Shaftesbury, Wilts (he appears as Arthur Ivor Broomfield, but I cannot see why the Ivor was added, this being the only reference to it)