Alan Edward Thomas Bruce

1900 Mar 30 Born Cornwall

1901 census at 65, Lemon Street, Kenwyn Urban, Cornwall

1911 census at Abbeyholme Overton Park Road Cheltenham. You can see that Ewen Cameron Bruce and Alan George Cameron Bruce are brothers, so indeed Alan Edward Thomas Bruce is the nephew of Ewen Cameron Bruce

1918 Oct 22. The undermentioned Prob. Flight Officers (late R.N.A.S.) are granted temp, commns.. as 2nd Lts. (A.): — Alan Edward Thomas Bruce. No reason is given for the removal of his name from Medal Roll

1920 Aug 10. RIC records give him as Alan E T from Cornwall born 1900 which is the same man as re-joined RAF in Dec 1921. ADRIC no 168. He joined the same day as his uncle Ewen Cameron Bruce.

1920 Oct 10. He and his uncle Ewen Cameron Bruce, hired a car and drove to Thomastown then on to a creamery where they, in the company of a Lt Cooper and Sgt Blake of the Devonshire Regt, proceeded to rob the creamery at gunpoint at Kells and got away with £75 pounds.

1920 Oct 29. Taken into Mountjoy Prison

1920 Nov 8. Handed over to a Police Escort at Mountjoy

1920 Dec 22. Court martialed at Waterford. Sentenced to 3 months hard labour, commuted to 1 month by the military on 8 Jan 1921.

1921 Dec 2. RAF General Duties Branch. Alan Edward Thomas Bruce is granted a short service commission as a Flying Officer, with effect from, and with seniority of, 2nd Dec. 1921

1924 Apr 12. Fined £3 for assault at Folkestone

1924 Jul/Sep Marries in Canterbury to Eva Sandy

1924 Oct/Dec a child Eva Bruce born at Canterbury

1925 Sep 22. Flying Officer Alan Edward Thomas Bruce is transferred to the Reserve, Class A.

1926 Sep 17. Fined £16 for dangerous and drunk driving on a motor cycle.

1926 Oct/Dec A child Alan J C Bruce born Canterbury

1927 Apr 23. The undermentioned Flying Officers are transferred from Class A to Class C in Reserve of Air Force Officers:— Alan Edward Thomas Bruce. "On proceeding abroad"

1927 May 23 Arrives in Canada on SS Doric. He is in farming and is going to Jordan Station, Ontario. He gives his father as Alan George C Bruce of Abbeyholme, Cheltenham. His wife he adds is Mrs Eva Bruce of 2 Ivy Cottages, He has £3 on him, is stamped in as "A landed immigrant" and was travelling 3rd class. Is wife is to follow next year. She is living at 2 Ivy Cottages, Canterbury.

1927 Jun 15. Crosses US border to pick up an aeroplane from Troy, Ohio. He gives his address as The Manor, Jordan Sta, Canada. He is travelling by car with two friends Cecil Slater and William Drury.

1927 Oct 15. Alan Edward Thomas Bruce of London is a witness to a wedding in St Catharines, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada

1929 Apr 13. Died in Canada

1929 Dec 2. The undermentioned Flying Officers relinquish their commissions on completion of service:— Alan Edward Thomas Bruce

Ewen Cameron Bruce, his uncle