Lt Thomas Francis Burke DSO

1897 Feb 23. Born Lanarkshire, Scotland

1901 census living at 73a Beckford Street, Hamilton with his parents

1914 Nov 5. Lands overseas Served in 9th Highland LI, 6th (T) Scottish Rifles and MGC. 1/9th (Glasgow Highland) Battalion in August 1914 : at Greendyke Street, Glasgow. Part of HLI Brigade in Lowland Division. Moved on mobilisation to Dunfermline. 5 November 1914 : left the Division and landed in France. 23 November 1914 : joined 5th Brigade in 2nd Division.

1915 Nov 15. The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). Thomas Francis Burke to be Second Lieutenant.

1916 Mar 27. Scottish Rifles. 2nd Lt. T. F. Burke is seconded for duty with the Machine Gun Corps.

1917 Jul 18 Gazetted DSO. 2nd Lt. Thomas Francis Burke, Sco. Rif., and M.G. Co. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty when in charge of machine-guns during an attack upon enemy trenches. With great dash he personally captured an enemy machine-gun and its team, and brought fire to bear on the retreating enemy with deadly effect. His promptness and courage were admirable.

1918 Apr 2.Scottish Rifles.—Lt. T. F. Burke, D.S.O., to take rank and precedence in his Corps and in the Army as if his appt. as Lt. bore this date (he had originally been gazetted Lt on 1st July 1917 so this looks like a disciplinary move)

1920 Aug 24. Joins ADRIC with service no 357 and assigned to D coy in Galway and was later as a Platoon Commander (3rd Class District Inspector)

1920 Sep Arrives in Galway to take over The Retreat for the ADRIC

1920 Oct 10. Prosecution of Francis Burke, Wallace West and John Mannox, Temporary Cadets, RIC Auxiliary Division; Larceny and attempted murder by Mannox, by shooting, of a sentry T/C C Baldin ); Salthill, County Galway; found not guilty and released. TNA File . The entry in Galway Prison book shows him as being there on remand awaiting trial in Oct 1920 for burglary of Dillons Shop

1920 Nov 26. The worst case at this time was with the two Loughnane brothers were working on the family farm in Shanaglish and were arrested. Nothing was heard of, nor from, the brothers until a week after their arrest when a group of Auxiliaries called to Mrs. Loughnane to inform her that her sons had escaped their capture. Ten days after they had been arrested their bodies were found in a muddy pond near Ardrahan. They appeared to have been tortured before being killed and photos exist of their charred bodies in coffins before burial by their family.

"Jock" Burke was a leading light in the Galway Auxies . He turns up when the Loughnanes are killed (Irish Naratives, O'Fathaigh says Burke was in charge that day, and that Burke was the man who got the rope to tie up the Loughnanes) and then in the city again where Patrick Moylette ( a London-based Irish businessman and a contact of Arthur Griffith) accused Burke of planning to kill him. According to Moylette, Burke was elected C/O of the Auxies.

I think Burke was still in Galway Gaol until Dec 8 with Whurr CE . That is he was in gaol at the time the Loughnanes were murdered

1921 Jan 8. Promoted Platoon Commander in D Coy

1921 May 31. Posted to O Coy as 2nd in Command

1922 Jan 17 discharged at demobilisation of ADRIC .

1922 Mar 27. Joined British Gendarmerie section of Palestine Police as a Captain

1922 Jun 28. 6th Bn., Cameronians.—Lt. T. F. Burke, D.S.O. is seed., under the provs. of para. 112, T.A. Regns.

1923 Apr 7. 6th Bn., Cameronians.—Lt. T. F. Burke,. D.S.O., resigns his commn., and retains the rank of Lt

1925 Dec 9. Died. Capt (Palestine Gendarmerie) , age 28 Traffic accident on Jerusalem to Nablus Road. Civil RAF Ramleh Ex-ADRIC

Palestine Police