Donald Rodber Burnet RAF & Scots Guards


1900 Apr 1. Born Blything, Suffolk

1911 census at boarding school at 46 Earl's Avenue Folkestone

1912 Jul 1. His father inherited Elrick House and estate at Newmacher, Aberdeen. A newsreport quotes Donald Rodber Burnet, as his eldest son, as the man who will next inherit the estate

Elrick House

1917 Aug. Became an aircraft rigger in "naval construction works"

1918 Jan Left aircraft rigger's job.

1918 Jan 27 Joined A & S Highlanders. Transferred to RAF. He was commissioned on demobilisation and a service record exists

1919 Apr 19 Transferred to Z class reserve

1919 Sep 16 Attested in Scots Guards. Next of Kin his father Capt. G H H Burnett at Elrick House, New Machar, Aberdeen

1920 Aug 13 Discharged . The undermentioned Cadets are granted honorary commissions as 2nd Lts., with, effect from the date of their demobilisation - 24270 Donald Rodber Burnet

1920 Sep 3. Joined ADRIC with service no 473. Posted to D Coy

1921 Mar 3. Discharged Hospital Galway

1922 Jan 20. Discharged at demobilisation of ADRIC

1921 Jul 13 to 14 Jul on Leave

1921 Aug 13 to 27 Aug on Leave

1922 Jul/Sep Married in London to Christine Collen Rigby

1925 Jan 19 Colonial Office applies to Air Ministry for a record of his service. So he was applying for a CO job.

1939 Register at 70 Ladbroke Grove , Kensington, London, He was Directors& Sales Manager Musical Instrument Firm

1941 Apr 7. be 2nd Lt. Donald Rodber BURNET (181078).

1945 Nov 6 "MENTIONED" He is a Captain

1964 Aug 5. Died London