Lt Truman Hanbury Buxton, RAF

From his seaman's discharge papers


1894 Aug 8. Born Tasmania. He appears to have been named after a brewing company - Truman Hanbury Buxton. But I cannot see any family connection. He appears to have been born "Truman Hanbury Levi Buxton"

1901 census at 12, Cornwall Grove, Chiswick

1911 census at 52 Lovelace Gardens Southend on Sea

1911 Sep 14. On the crew of SS Orantes from UK to Australia

He appears to been have living in South Africa when he joined up, at 6 Honey St, Berea, South Africa.

1918 Apr 15 to 2 OCW

1918 Jun 7 posted to 1 S of A

1919 Mar 17 Posted to 37 squadron

1918 Jun 30 Passed "fit as a pilot"

1918 Sep 3. 2nd Lt

1918 Nov 8 Lt

1919 May 14 Transferred to Unemployed List

1920 Aug 10. Joined ADRIC with service no 172. Posted to B Coy

1920 Nov 27. Promoted DI3

1921 Jul 2, Promoted 2nd in Command. DI2

1922 Jan 24. Discharged from ADRIC at demobilisation.

1922 Mar 28.Joined the British Gendarmerie section of the Palestine Police as a Head Constable

1922 Jul 7. Leaves UK for Port Said. He is in Palestine Police with UK address of 23 Queens Gate Gdns


1926. Divorce Court File: 3097. Appellant: Reginald Ernest Going. Respondent: Ellen Eliza Going. Co-respondent: Truman Hanbury Buxton. Type: Husband's petition for divorce

1929 Oct/Dec marries Ellen E Going (nee Sach)

1929 Aug 9. Truman Buxton, his wife Eliza and son Tony aged 8 leave UK for Canada. He is "police" , their UK address is 28 Dalmatia Rd, Southend on Sea (this is his brother J Buxton)They are intending to live in Canada.

1937 Apr 13. He arrives in New York He is an Army Officer . He is on the Crew of the ship and has been employed for 3 years

1939 Register He is single, and a stoves labourer at RAF Kidbrook

He then appears on various electoral rolls in Australia, without a wife. Between 1963 & 1972

1973 Oct 6 died "Tooth Home", Oceana Terrace, Manly, Queensland, Australia

Cause of death : 1) Cerebral haemorrhage (1-2 mins) ; 2) Cerebral atherosclerosis (1-2 mins) and 3) Hypertension (years). Name of father : Albert George Buxton. Name of mother : Mary. NEVER MARRIED. Informant no relation.