2nd Lt . Geoffrey Lionel James Cady


1900 Jun 21. Born, Blything, Suffolk

1901 census at Walberswick, Suffolk. His father had been in Coastguard

1911 census at The Street, Walberswick , Southwold

1914 Nov 6 Enlisted in Suffolk Regt

1915 May 30 Posted to France

1915 Jul 13. Posted back UK

1916 Jan 22. Discharged because of pleurisy. Silver War Badge

1918 Jun 17 Enlisted in RAF

RAF Record

1920 Dec 22. The undermentioned Cadets are granted honorary commissions as 2nd Lts., with effect from the date of their demobilisation:— 178750 Geoffrey Lionel James Cady

1921 Mar 7. Joined ADRIC with service no 1796. Posted to C Coy. Joined in Ireland

1921 Apr 2. Posted to Q Coy

1922 Jan Appears to be still serving on demobilisation of ADRIC

1926 Jun 4. Leaves UK for Shanghai, he is a "police constable". The Chinese record shows that this is him joining the police there for the first time. He served till 1942

1936 Divorce. I cannot find the marriage. Divorce Court File: 7057. Appellant: Mary Cecilia Cady. Respondent: Geoffrey Lionel James Cady. Type: Wife's petition for divorce [wd].

1937 Oct 4. Arrives in Canada from Philippines on way back from Shanghai to UK Travels with wife Mary, and is a Government Official Police Officer.

1938 Mar 12. Leaves UK for Shanghai, he is a "police officer" and travels Tourist Class

1942 Interned by the Japanese

1946 Mar 12. Released from captivity, he leaves Shanghai for UK. Profession. "police"

1946 Aug 11. He was on the manifest of a Troop Transport from UK to East Africa, but has been crossed off . He is a "Coal Official" from Shanghai

1959 Mar 10. Died Ipswich aged 59