Capt Cameron Hugh Campbell, Royal Scots

His birth as recorded does not exist in Scotland, nor census records. And I cannot connect him to Kelso. The clue is in the Army record that gives birth as Aberfoyle, Perthshire

1879 Jul 29. Born Perth, Scotland in 1883 (from RIC register) But Scotland's people only gives "Hugh Cameron's" rather than other way round, and those being in 1877 and 1879 in Glasgow. And there are no "Cameron Campbell". However his Army record adds Aberfoyle, Perthshire in 1883

His exact age in enlistment form, works back to 29 Jul 1882, but that did not help and assumes the arithmetic is correct. My assumption is he lied a few years on his age

1881 census at Aberfoyle

John Campbell 49
Catherine Campbell 43
Mary Campbell 22
Joseph Campbell 13
John Campbell 10
Jessie Campbell 8
William Campbell 6
Flora Campbell 3
Hugh Campbell 1
John McIntyre 11 Mo
Agnes McIntyre 23

1891 census at Port of Menteith, Scotland

John Campbell 57
Catherine Campbell 52
John Campbell 20
William Campbell 16
Hugh Campbell 11
Margaret Campbell 9
Janet Campbell 18
John McNab 33

1901 census at Port of Menteith , Scotland. He is a Medical Student

John Campbell 70
Cathern Campbell 63
William Campbell 26
Hugh Campbell 21
Margt Campbell 19

1911 census

1915 Feb 4 Enlists. He is a Medical Student. Stonefiel Farm is 5 miles north of Kelso. I assume he was not actually called up until a few months later

1915 Sep 21 Married Catherine Dawson at Dundee

1917 Mar 1. R. Scots. The undermentioned cadets to be temp. 2nd Lts. (attd.):— Cameron Hugh Campbell.

1917 Jun 19. Labour Corps. The undermentioned to be actg. Capts. while comdg. Cos.: Temp. 2nd Lt. C. H. Campbell (R. Scots).

1918 Feb 14. Labour Corps. Temp. 2nd Lt. C. H. Campbell (R. Scots (Serv. Bns.) relinquishes the actg. rank of Capt. on ceasing to be empld. with the Corps.

1919 Sep 26 Demobbed at Stonefold, Kelso

1920 A long running dispute with Army over money starts, it is not resolved for 4 years

1920 Aug 8 Joined ADRIC with service no 127 Posted to E Coy

1920 Nov 20. Resigned from ADRIC (the line of his entry also days "Discharged 26 Aug 1920" so which is true?)

1924 A long running dispute with the War Office is brought to an end

1939 Dec 1. Accepted for reserve of officers

1961 Died aged 82 at Inveresk and Musselburgh