John Owen Woodland Candy, Royal Welch Fus

1887 Feb 6, Born Kothapur, Bombay, India son of Charles Harrison ( BA, LLM, b: 1851 d: 1925 in Kolhapur, India) and Ethel May Candy. Rajaram College enjoys the status of the “Pioneering and Premier Institution” in Southern Maharashtra as it was established in the year 1880. In fact, the high school named after His Highness Rajaram Maharaj was established in the year 1870 and after a decade the same was raised to the status of a college, in the old palace adjacent to Bhavani Mandap in Kolhapur city. Mr. C. H. Candy, an Englishman, took over as the first Principal of this new college, which began with a previous class with merely three students.

1891 census at Taunton Villa, Stakes Road, Farlington, Waterlooville with aunt

1906 Jul 31. Arrives in Canada from UK. Travels 3rd class. He spent 15 months at High River, Alberta

1907 May 23. Leaves UK for Bombay

1910 Mar 11. landed in Canada from UK. He intends working on the railway.

1915 Jan 26 The undermentioned to be temporary Second Lieutenants. John Owen Woodland Candy

1916 Nov 18 Landed in France

1916 Nov 28. Welsh R. The undermentioned temp. 2nd Lts. to be temp. 2nd Lts. (attd.), retaining, their Army seniority: — J. O. W. Candy, from R. W. Fus.

1919 Aug 1. The undermentioned temp. Lts. to be temp. Lts. for duty with Chinese Lab. , - J. O. W. Candy, from R.W. Fus. (Serv. Bns.)

1918 May 21. Temp. Lt. J. O. W. Candy, Royal Welsh Fus., to be acts. Capt. whilst comdg. a Co..

1918 Nov 22. The undermentioned officers relinquish actg. rank of Capt. on ceasing to command a Co.: Temp. Lt. (actg. Capt.) J. O. W. Candy, Royal Welsh Fus.

1920 Mar 31. Temp. Lt. J. O. W. Candy relinquishes his commission on completion, of service, and retains the rank of Lt.

1920 Aug 17 Joined ADRIC with service no 368. Posted to C Coy.

Fined £2 by Coy Commander

1921 Apr 21 to 6 May on Leave

1921 Aug 28 to Sep 19 on Leave

1921 Nov 20 to 1 Dec on Leave

1922 Jan 14. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1923 Mar 3 Arrives in New York from UK. His wife is living in England - address same as MIC. He is a "banker"

1925 Jan 12. Arrives in New York from UK. He is a "banker" His address is Cot Green, Kingwood, Co. Donegal.

1939 Living in 31 Elm Road , Crosby M.B., Lancashire, He is an incapacitated Bank Clerk He is living with Maud E Roberts, a widow

1942 Oct/Dec Died Crosby , Lancs age 55