2nd Lt Leslie Richard Carpenter


1895 Mar 26 Born Durham. The father is not with the mother in 1891 census, but an Ancestry tree says he was Henry James Carpenter, MSc, Astronomer at the Dun Echt Observatory, Edinburgh. He died in 1899.

1901 census at Banbury Road, Kidlington

1911 census at 27 Talbot Street Nottingham

RAF Record

1919 Mar 17. The undermentioned Cadets to be temp, 2nd Lts.. under the provisions of the Royal Warrant, dated 30th December, 1918, promulgated in Army Order 42 of 1919 : Sherwoods. Leslie Richard Carpenter.

1921 Sep 1. The under-mentioned relinquish their commissions on completion of service: —Foresters. Temp. 2nd Lts., and retain the rank of 2nd Lt.: L R Carpenter

1921 Jan 19 Joins ADRIC with service no 1570. Posted to N Coy

1921 Feb 15. Services dispensed with "unsuitable" - Trim Looting

1921 Feb 16. Re-joined with service no 1731 posted to O Coy

1921 Mar 5. Posted to P Coy

1921 Apr 22. Removed from suspension.

1921 May 14 Posted P to R Coy.

1922 Jan . He served until demobilisation of ADRIC

1939 Married in Willesden. Middlesex to Ellen T Butler

1939 Register. He is a photographer living at 8 St Marys Road , Willesden , Middlesex, with wife Ellen T. He was a photographer in 1911 census

1943 Oct 29. He is a Newsvendor

1962 Died Westminster, London aged 67