Leo (Patrick) Carroll, North Lancs


1898 Feb 20. Mayo. In RIC entry. His Army record gives him as born Mayo, Westport on 20 Oct 1897. ADRIC Register has him as of Loyal North Lancs Regt. However I cannot get him in Irish births, Irish Censuses, or MICs. However he does exist in London Gazette OCR files for promotion to Lt and for relinquishing his commission, and an officers 339 file exists . Leave Book has him as "LC Carroll"

In fact the RIC record leads to "Patrick Carroll" with correct dob

He features in Green Tears where Twohig said that claimed to be a native of Westport, Mayo though Twohig had his doubts. Carroll claimed to be a 1st Cousin of Major John McBride executed in 1916, and also a native of Westport. Twohig does add that "just recently I came across sound evidence that Carroll was genuine and tried to help the prisoners any way he could, and on one occasion saved the life of one of them".

WS0873 gives Contact was made by our Intelligence Service in Macroom with an Auxiliary Officer named Patrick Carroll, a native of the West of Ireland. He agreed to give any information he could obtain regarding enemy activities and as an earnest of his good faith brought out front time to time over six revolvers, with ammunition, which he handed to our agent, Miss Gretta Graham, Middle Square, Macroom. He also provided information of intended enemy activities and refused to accept any compensation.

And the 1933 account by the Ballingeary IRA has A Black and Tan named O'Carroll had begun supplying revolvers and ammunition to the Macroom Company with a view to getting a pardon to return home to the west of Ireland.  According to him the garrison had been reduced to around seventy five men as a result of the four ambushes and minor attacks and because of desertion. 

And in Memoirs of an Old Warrior, the author says that May & Jun 1921, Auxilliary officer Patrick Carroll gave them information

The chap obviously exists and was a Lt in N Lancs Regt. And was serving in J Coy ADRIC. He might be Ernest Leo Carroll b1898 of a Dublin father. 240 Crown Lane Horwich Lancashire (near Bolton and could explain N Lancs Regt.)(contact with a grandson seems to rule him out). Or he might be Patrick Carroll born 1898 in Westport, Mayo - this seems more likely, and he has a father Michael. Either way he did not use his correct Christian name.

1898 Feb 20. Born Westport, Mayo. Only male child born Westport 1898 with surname Carroll is a Patrick Carrol (vol 4 p445)of the right age born Westport, Mayo in 1911 census and in 1901 census - curiously this is the name that is used in WS0873

1901 census at Rossmalley, Westport, Mayo

Educated at Christian Brothers School Mayo

1911 census at Rossmalley, Westport, Mayo

1915 Mar 1. Attested . He made Sergeant but was twice reverted to Private. His father was Michael Carrol of 667 Blackburn Rd, Bolton

1916 Apr 12 Posted to France

1916 Dec 31 Returns to UK

1917 Jun 27. The undermentioned, from Officers Cadet Units, to be 2nd Lts.: N Lancs. Leo Carroll

So he is there as 2nd Lt , 3rd battalion Loyal North Lancs Regt (3/47). Transcribes. WO 339/90962 Carroll , L

1918 Dec 27. The undermentioned 2nd Lt. to be Lts. : —3rd N. Lan. R.— L. Carroll.

1919 Oct 21. Demobilised. His Protection Cert gives his address as 667 Blackburn Rd, Bolton, Lancs

1920 Apr 1. The undermentioned relinquish their commns. : —3rd N. Lan. R.—Lts., and retain the rank of Lt.: — L. Carroll

1920 Aug 10 Joined ADRIC with service no 156. Posted J Coy at Macroom

Fined £5 by Commandant

1921 Jul 15 to 31 Jul on Leave

1922 Jan 24 Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Sep 27. Leaves UK for Australia

1925 Electoral Roll at c/o E. Coker, Gibbons st., Werribee, Victoria. A Painter

1937 Electoral Roll living with Florence at Cameron Place, Melbourne Ports, he is a Painter. She was nee Florence Mountjoy

1940 Apr 25. Enlisted in Australian Army as Leo Carroll with a dob of 20 Feb 1905 (sic) and born Westport, Ireland. Enlisted in Albert Park, Victoria. Next of kin Florence Carroll

1943 Leo Carroll married Florence Mountjoy at Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

1945 Sep 28. Demobbed as a L/Cpl in 2/8 battalion

1954 Electoral Roll at at 56 Weeroona St, Melbourne. He is a Soldier, still with Florence

1967 Electoral Roll at Weeroona St with Florence, he is a soldier



WO 339/90962