Spencer Rougier Chapman

1893 Jul 3 born Wandsworth

1901 census living with his parents at Woodboro Lodge, Woodboro Rd, Putney. His father is a Member of London Stock Exchange.

1911 census with family at 5 Woodborough Road Putney, his father is a "Gentleman" . His brother VR Chapman also served in ADRIC

Worked previously for a firm of London stockbrokers.

1914 Dec 29. Landed in France with HAC.

1915 Mar 11. Commissioned. 4th (City of London) Battalion, The London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers); Private Spencer Rougier Chapman, from the Honourable Artillery Company, to be Second Lieutenant.

1916 Sep 20. Bedf. R. Temp. 2nd Lt. S. R. Chapman, from a Serv. Bn., to be temp. 2nd Lt. (attd.).

1918 Jul/Sep Marries - Yvonne M Cardon in Suffolk

1919 Jul 24. 4th Bn., London Regt.—Lt. S. R. Chapman (attd. 29th Bn.) is restored to the estbt.

1920 Sep7 joined with RIC no 77834 , ADRIC no 495. Formerly F Coy, and transferred to K Coy in Cork.

1920 Dec 11. Wounded in Dillons Cross Ambush, died the next day

At 7:30 p.m. that evening, a truckload of Auxiliaries from newly-formed K Company was ambushed at Dillons Cross: a grenade was thrown onto their truck, wounding ten Auxiliaries and killing one, Temporary Cadet Chapman. Later that night, police and Auxiliaries took revenge by setting fire to the city's commercial centre and shooting seven people.