Christopher Lucey was shot dead by British forces at Tureen Dubh Ballingeary Nov 10, 1920. T/Cadet Cafferata in his account points the finger at a Cadet called Chichester [note Mitchell and Agnew disappeared on 6 Nov 1920, and Lucey was shot on 10th Nov 1920]

..nothing had been seen of him for about half an hour when he was seen going through the back door into the yard. At that moment two shots were heard outside - quite definitely pistol shots. For a few seconds everyone froze stiff, waiting for a further outbreak, but none came. Four of us went out into the road to investigate. About 20 yards up the road we found the missing cadet. He was standing over a figure which lay very still in the middle of the road. As we crowded round and asked what had happened, we saw that the Cadet had his .45 Colt in his hand. He said "I was searching the bastard and he made a break for it - I called on him to halt and he went on running so I shot him" We examined the figure on the road. He was dead alright very dead. Somebody opened his coat and shirt, and said "something wrong here. He has two bullet holes, both in his chest. Have a look for yourselves" Sure enough the entrance holes were in his chest and not in his back. There was a pause, an uncomfortable one. Then someone said "What is your explanation, Chichester? Why did you do this?" Chichester was truculent. He replaced the two empty shells in his Colt and said "What's all the bloody fuss about? He's a bloody Shinner isn't he? He is for one of those two poor buggers of ours that they murdered the other day. I will get another one before I am finished. We took Chichester's rifle and pistol from him

Cafferata goes on to say that the rest of the platoon wanted to carry out their own unofficial trial of Chichester, but someone (later found to be Gutherie owned up) told the platoon commander, and Chichester was removed to Dublin Castle "Chichester was discharged from the force and sent back to England but the IRA tracked him down to London where he had got a job as a bus conductor and quietly bumped him off"

And an IRA report on activities by the Ballingeary Brigade compiled by Donal Cronin, Bawnatoumple from his uncle, John Cronins account of that period. When the Tans returned to Macroom they entered the Market Bar and began to celebrate. They were toasting one man in particular and he described in detail how he had taken aim and fired the fatal shot. The barman, an ex R.I.C. man named Vaughan was able to identify him and he informed the Macroom volunteers. All companies were notified about this man and some time later he was again identified by volunteers in Cork City, when he signed his name to a docket, while ordering military stores. When he returned to collect his order he was taken prisoner and executed.

This indicates that the man was in C company and dismissed after 10 Nov 1920,, one assumes in Dec 1920

His name was certainly not "Chichester", I have yet to find out who he was. Not one of the ADRIC men fills all the clues. If the man in question did die at the hands of the IRA, Chichester has to be PJ O'Neill . He did join on 16th Nov 1920, and was dismissed 2 Dec


At the moment my money is on Goldthorpe. O'Neill was shot by the IRA in Dublin, but he only joined on 16 Nov, Lucey was shot on 10th Nov