Lt Charles Thomas Bray Chubb, RNR


1891 Aug 1. Born Portsea, Hampshire. His father was George Henry Chubb, a Chief Gunner in RN

1901 census at 4, Camperdown Street, Devonport

1912 Nov 18. Arrives in Australia as part of a ships crew, an apprentice

1913 Jun 6 Arrives in New York as part of a ships crew He is an "apprentice seaman"

1915 Mar 10 2nd Mates Cert gained

1917 Dec 5. 1st Mates Cert gained . He never gets a Masters Cert.

1917 Dec 22. Admiralty To be tempy-Sub.Lieuts - Charles T. B. Chubb. Record

1919 Married in Devonport

1920 Aug 13. Joined ADRIC with service no 209. Posted to J Coy.

1920 Nov 19 . Promoted Section Leader. A/CQM

1921 Feb 17 Permitted to resign

1925 Sep 4. Applies for a permanent RNR commission, but is refused

1959 Married in Bristol to Beatrice May Wright

1966 Jun 4 Dies