Sidney Clancy, Leicester Regt

1893 Jul 28. Born Rutland

1901 census at Ranksborough, Oakham, Rutland (as on MIC)

1911 census

1915 Aug 18 Lands in France

1918 Jun 25. Commissioned.The undermentioned, from Officer Cadet Units, to be 2nd Lts.: Sidney Clancy

1919 Dec 26. 5th Bn., Leicester Regt.—2nd Lt. S. Clancy to be Lt.

1920 Aug 6. Joined ARIC with service no 99. Posted N Coy

1920 Sep 11 Promoted Section Leader

1920 Dec 9 Raid that resulted in Ernie O'Malley's capture. As a Section Leader Officer in A Coy he was on the raid and is mentioned by name on one of the reports. Ernie O'Malley was captured by British Auxiliaries in Inistioge, Co Kilkenny. He had been planning an assault on Woodstock House, but his capture was accidental. The British never found out how important he was, and he escaped eventually in Feb 1921 from a Dublin jail. O'Malley was only held one night in Woodstock House by the Auxiliaries before being sent on to Kilkenny jail the next day. During his brief stay at Woodstock, O'Malley writes that he was court-martialed and severely beaten. He was later told that in was only because Brigadier General Wood had intervened that he was not shot on the spot. O'Malley's article in "On another man's wound" does make it clear, but Wood appears to have been the head of the court-martial court. I would have to assume that he had been summoned from Dublin after O'Malley's capture - the British did not know who O'Malley was, but knew he was important. Wood had relinquished the position of Coy Commander of A Coy on 1 Dec. By the time of O'Malley's capture he was 2nd in command of the ADRIC based in Dublin

1921 Dec 12. Relinquishes his commission

1921 Jan 6 Promoted Platoon Commander

1921 Apr 6 to 19 Apr on Leave

1921 Apr 22 Placed under suspension Trim Looting.

1921 Jun 5 Suspension removed "without prejudice" having been found not guilty at Court Martial

1921 Aug 3 to 22 Aug on Leave

1921 Dec 20 to 2 Jan 1922 on Leave

1922 Jan 16 Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Mar 28. Joined the British Gendarmerie section of the Palestine Police as a Constable

1923 Jan/Mar Married Doris Emma Hayes at Oakham, Rutland.

1923 Mar 9. Leaves UK on Kaisar-i-Hind for Port Said. Palestine Gendarmerie . His wife travels too. 2nd Class.

1927 Son Timothy G Clancy born.

1933 Oct 10. Died at Stamford, Lincolnshire, England . Death was due to food poisoning, he ate a bad pork pie, his wife and child were also very ill.

1933 Nov 16 Probate to his widow.

2010 Retired civil engineer, Timothy Clancy, of First Drift, Wothorpe, Stamford, died at his home aged 83.He was the son of Doris and Sidney Clancy and was educated at Stamford School.Mr Clancy worked as a civil engineer for C & G Concrete and Stamford Construction. A governor of Stamford School, he was also a member of Stamford Shakespeare Company, and enjoyed playing golf, tennis, rugby, cricket and reading.He leaves his widow Jean, daughters Susan and Christine and son David