Lt William Danpure Clark, DLI

1894 May 10 Born Clifton Hill, St Andrew, Gordon Town, Jamaica. Son of William George Clark and Sarah Elizabeth Danpure. His father was Clerk/Accountant/?Asst Commissioner for Jamaica. Another child had been born in 1893, Mary Bolton Clark ( married a bank manager, also with the surname Clark) . William George Clark and his wife Sarah Elizabeth (nee Danpure) celebrated their golden wedding in Jamaica in 1942, so they at least continued to live in Jamaica.

1911to 1914 Worked at fruit planting for his father at Eltham, St Annes, Jamaica

1911 Mar 29. Leaving from Avonmouth for Kingston Jamaica - Mr William D Clark.

1914 Dec 5. Enlisted

1915 Apr 22 Lands in France with King Edward Horse

1917 Feb 28. Commissioned into Durham LI

1918 Jun 1. RAF The undermentioned are granted temp, commne. as 2nd Lts., Observer. Officers: — W. D. Clark (temp. 2nd Lt., Durh. L.I.).

1918 Sep 3. RAF . 2nd Lt to be Lt Flying Branch . W.D. Clark

1920 Jun 6. Arrives UK from Kingston, Jamaica. UK address 6 Earl Place, Worthing, Sussex. Travels 1st Class, no occupation given.

1920 Aug 25. Army tells him thee is no possibility of a permanent commission

1920 Oct 13. Joined ADRIC with service no 694. Posted to G Coy

1921 Jun 9. Wounded in Darragh Ambush. £200 compensation

1921 Jul 13 to 24 Aug on Leave

1922 Jan 20 , Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Apr 24. Leaves UK for Jamaica. A UK address in Broadwater, Worthing. Residence Jamaica. Occupation "none"

1928 Jan 31. Arrives Key West, Florida from Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic in transit to Canada

1928 Oct 8 Arrives in New Orleans from Havana. He is an"Aviator Manager" who intends living permanently in USA. Last permanent address was Cuba.

1930 In New Orleans as a boarder and a US citizen in US census

1940 Draft Card

1960 May 17 died in, Mandeville, Manchester Parish, Jamaica. His head stone says; In the 1st World War He Served With The British Army and Air Force,In France and Italy. In the Second World War With The American Air Transport Commando In Labrador and North Africa."