Capt Frank Cleary, RNR & RNAS & RAF, AFC

1892 Feb 25. Born Bramley, Leeds, Yorkshire

1901 I cannot find him in census

1910 to 1914 A Merchant Navy Officer with British India Steam Navigaton Co

1911 census on crew of S/s Milton Port/place: Alexandra Dock Liverpool No 2 .Branch Bootle

1915 Aug 24 . In accordance with the provisions of His Majesty's Order in Council of 16th December, 1912, temporary commissions in the Royal Naval Reserve have been issued as follows: Sub Lt Frank Cleary.

1916 May 18. R.N.A.S. Graded as Fl. Lieuts.—Tempy. Act. Lieut. Frank Cleary, R.N.R.

1915 Nov 4. Married Winifred Horae in Devonport Reg Office. This may be a mistranscription for "Hoare" but without the cert I cannot prove it

1918 Jun 3. Mentioned in Dispatches

RNR record

RAF Record

1918 Jun 3. Mentioned in Despatches (London Gazette 3 June 1918, number 30772, page 6521

1918 Sep 6 Promoted to command Airship N.S.8, which was 1 of 2 airships that escorted the German Fleet after its surrender in 1918. N.S.7 and 8 were based at East Fortune and escorted the surrendered German High Seas fleet back to Rosyth,

The British NS (North Sea) class non-rigid airships were the largest and last in a succession of "blimps" that served with the Royal Naval Air Service during World War I; developed from experiences gained with earlier classes to operate off the east coast of Britain on long-range patrols. Despite early problems, examples of the class went on to break all flying records for non-rigid airships, and the type became regarded as the most efficient of its kind.

1918 Nov 21. German fleet arrives at Rosyth to surrender

1919 Jan1. Gazetted Air Force Cross. Capt Frank Cleary. Awards of the Air Force Cross were Gazetted without citation; however, the original statutes state "Fifthly.  It is ordained that the Air Force Cross shall he granted only to such Officers and Warrant Officers of Our said Forces as shall be recommended to Us for an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty whilst flying though not in active operations against the enemy." Cleary's was one of 161 AFCs listed in Gazette number 31098 (on pages 97 and 98). The AFC is probably for the above surrender of the German Fleet

1919 Feb 13 Transferred to unemployed list. Capt. F. Cleary, A.F.C.

1920 Sep 29 Intends to seek US naturalisation, but never did

1920 Dec 29 Joins ADRIC with service no 1358. Never gets further than Depot as:-

1921 Jan 5 Discharged medically unfit

1928 Jan 7. Died at sea on SS Silver Ash, age 36, born Leeds . Registers and Indexes of Births, Marriages and Deaths of Passengers and Seamen at Sea.